CND Nail Polishes Vinylux Nightspell: winter collection

CND for this winter launch one collection of glazes refined and unique, ready to dress our nails with modern originality.

We present the new one CND Vinylux Nightspell nail polish collection ! We have been able to use it and we are ready not only to show it to you but also to tell you about our experience!

CND Nail Polishes Vinylux Nightspell


CND , known for the undisputed quality of glazes and products dedicated to nailcare, for this Winter launched a sensational Vinylux glaze collection , one in a kind.

Is called Nightspell and includes 6 nail polishes proposed in as many innovative shades and “live”! The brand has chosen one for the current season chromatic range refined both in the shades, but above all in the finish, vibrant, never banal and multi-dimensional.

We have got to use all of them Vinylux glazes of the Nightspell Collection and we are ready to tell it to you, revealing all the thousand facets that characterize it.

CND Vinylux Nighspell Collection

Forget the classic autumn shades off and always too similar to each other: CND reinvents the concept of winter, making it colorful but above all refined and out of the box.

The first time I saw the whole thing Nightspell Collection I thought about this: the capsule has nothing to do with the typical winter as it appears immediately chromatically original .

The brand has indeed selected six basic shades vibrant and lively and made them literally alive, having fun playing with different finishes.

It is indeed just the finish to determine the difference between one classic polish and one unique and original. CND he wanted to experiment, combine and combine skillfully glitter, reflective pearls is ultra-fine pigments .

In this way he made each one vivid texture , able to dress the nails from time to time in a different way, thanks to the effect determined by color / finish mix unrepeatable for every application.

CND Nightspell glazes

From silver “mercury effect”, to metallic opium, ranging from exceptional Duochrome alternating with creamy and enveloping shades.

There Nightspell Collection CND plays on the materials used in the various formulas, allowing us to make manicures with a strong aesthetic impact.

The term ” Nightspell “Literally means” night spell “: Choice fits perfectly as every CND enamel It is pure magic made by pearlescence, vivid nuances, plays of light and reflections in continuous movement.

CND dedicates every shade, to all those who love i bright and saturated colors to the detriment of the classic shades proposals usually in this season.

Every glaze is never trivial and never ceases to surprise once applied. Once again CND has made a center with one modern and avant-garde collection that changes the concept of ” winter shade “.

We know them closely you are shades proposals in the Nighspell Collection : are you ready to redo your eyes?


Between you are shades that characterize the Nightspell Collection stands out Hypnotic Dreams , a very particular shade that I would call almost “opulent” given the chromatic intensity that characterizes it.

It consists of one “milky” rust base made unique by a multitude of reflective micro-pearls copper, gold and greens.

This combination gives life to one Duochrome very particular, full-bodied and saturated to the maximum. The color rendering once applied to the nails is iridescent.

CND Enamel Hypnotic Dreams


I find it is undoubtedly among the most interesting shades in the whole Nightspell capsules proposed by CND. It struck me immediately iridescent effect attributed to the manicure that makes nails similar to jewelry.

There pplication , despite the unconventional finish, it is always homogeneous and multi-sfaccettatata . Bright and bright, it finds its maximum expression through two overlapping applications : in this way the color is further saturated, making the shades even more vibrant and vibrant.

What else to add? Hypnotic Dreams speak for yourself and “hypnotize”!

Hypnotic Dreams CND Enamel


The Nightspell collection also stands out for the contrast games between one shade and another. Typical example is definitely Berry Boudoir, that despite the classic finish simply cream, manages to amaze.

It is an elegant one variation of cold red and gloomy mixed with a touch of blue, which determine a kind of marsala color enveloping and extraordinarily magnetic.

Berry Boudoir CND Enamel


Decided, determined and of strong impact is certainly one of the shades that best represents me. In its simplicity, given by a creamy finish and without pearlescence, Berry Boudoir it is magnetic and sophisticated, never excessive but suitable for any type of look.

Even the application that determines a uniform is uniform full and intense color , without the need for any overlap.

Berry Boudoir is definitely the most suitable shade for those who love the classically skilfully revisited in a modern way!

CND Berry Boudoir Enamel


Let’s go back to talking about Duochrome with the beautiful Eternal Midnight, a CND Vinylux glaze which reveals its typical magnetic shades night atmosphere made of mystery and magic.

CND in this case he knew how to skillfully combine one hot purple base to micro-pearls-reflective fuchsia, lilac and blue thus giving life to a shade as unique as beautiful once applied.

CND Eternal Midnight Enamel


I love purple and in the same way the many facets that characterize it: I could not not love too Eternal Midnight .

To appreciate it in its entirety it should be worn and lived. Whenever nails are struck by light, take one different shades , always very elegant.

It is impossible to describe in detail the intensity , it should definitely be experimented!

Also in this case I found the application very simple and homogeneous even if to be appreciated two overlays : only this way gives the best of itself!

CND Vinylux Enamel Eternal Midnight


Are you looking for a shade that will amaze you with its refined and refined elegance but which does not represent a neutral and banal shade? Good, Lilac Eclipse it’s all and the opposite of everything!

It is a cold lilac , almost pastel and characterized by a finish cream which in my opinion enhances the same tone: I would not be able to make me metallized pleasure so to speak!

Delicate and refined, it turns almost to rosé: it is one delicate declination and tenuous, certainly indicated for those who love to stand out but always focusing on simplicity.

CND Vinylux Enamel Lilac Eclipse


I think that Lilac Eclipse CND Vinylux is extremely feminine, almost romantic. A particular color, perfect for those who do not feel ready to wear bolder shades.

It is certainly the most versatile enamel of the whole Nightspell Collection : the classic must have that is good on everything and is suitable for any occasion.

opaque is adequately saturated , with just one application is perfect: two passes instead make it very glam!

CND Lilac Eclipse Enamel


CND inserts in its collection of winter glazes, too Viridian Veil , an intense and decisive octane color, skilfully combined with a semi-matt metallic finish.

Beyond the chosen color base, a mix between blue and green absolutely incredible, once again it is the finish that makes the difference.

lowercase metallic particles give life, during the application, to original mottling that make the color alive and exceptionally multi-faceted.

CND Viridian Veil Enamel


Intense, saturated and lively, Viridian Veil it is a shade able to make cheerful, any time of year with the verve and vivacity that characterizes it.

A color perhaps more challenging than the previous, but lively and sparkling, suitable for those who have personality and does not fear to exhibit it regardless of the occasion.

Once again the application it is always homogeneous and uniform. I really appreciate them shades that the use of the brush is to create in a natural way.

Once applied it seems almost to have on the nails an original nail art. In short, I really liked it and I can not recommend it, especially for the particularity of the tone.

CND Enamel Viridian Veil


The collection ends CND Nightspell , the bellissim or Mercurial , a sort of silver that resembles the liquid mercury from which it takes its name.

Elegant, bright and original, makes the manicure, one of a kind accomplice the metallic finish , very bright that further enhances the tone.

CND Mercurial Smalto


Mercurial CND Vinylux it is exceptional, for its brightness and above all for the visible rendering once applied. Full-bodied and characterized by reflective micro-particles tone on tone, play again with the nuances and veins determined by the finish.

This makes every nail multi-dimensional and alive, thanks to an enamel that takes on a different degree of brilliance depending on how it is hit by light.

Eccentric but at the same time refined, it is perfect for those who love l ‘originality but want one versatile shade and refined, especially suitable for the evening.

Extremely shimmering, it’s best with it two overlapping applications , in which it appears always homogeneous and uniform.

CND Mercurial Enamel


I really enjoyed the Nighspell Collection proposed by CND regarding i Vinylux , glazes that guarantee one long duration , up to 7 days and an always full and impeccable color.

In particular I found the collection, one of a kind. Many of us, during the winter, are used to using the classics dull colors , typically seasonal. The brand, once again denies this trend, giving the current season, a futuristic imprinting and modern, consisting of futuristic nuances and strong.

Definitely appreciable the originality of a collection of the most lively and character proposals for this winter.

Nothing to complain about the quality of the Vinylux glazes : they are all covering with only one application, making a second necessary only if you decide to further intensify the color saturation.

Also appreciable quick drying and the excellent durability that distinguishes all CND glazes. It is worth remembering, to conclude, that all the Vinylux glazes I’m 7-Free , ie without toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, DBP, formaldehyde resin, xylene and methylethylketone.

In short, if you love exhibiting manicure always original and unique, that can be noticed, you just have to try the new Nighspell Collection CND .


All the glazes present in the Nightspell Collection CND Vinylux are available for purchase at i CND and Shellac salons Ladybird house present throughout the national territory.

It is also possible to buy online directly on the official site .

The price of each enamel is of € 17.90 in formed by 15 ml .

There this CND Vinylux collection? Which color did you most impress? We await your opinions!


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