Clothing Twin Set Spring Summer 2018: catalog

yes We present the Preview of the new collection clothing Twin Set spring summer 2018. Trends romantic and chic with lots of lace and female details in the new lookbook by Simona Barbieri.

Let’s find out the new catalog together fashion woman Twin set!


The Twin Set summer 2018 collection features short dresses from straight lines , in tunic or to A . Elegance and refinement combined with a style bon ton revisited in a modern and transgressive way they are the master.

The scalloped lace it is the characterizing element not only of the formal dresses Twin Set, but of the entire collection. The combination is made with feminine and ethereal materials such as silk , viscose georgette and tulle .

Petticoat models, flounces 20s, asymmetrical skirts and ruffles These are just some of the hallmarks of this romantic and refined collection.

Twin Set spring summer 2018
Silk dress (price 205 Euro)
clothing Twin Set spring summer 2018
Dress in tulle (310 Euro)
Twin Set summer clothing 2018
Pink dress in lace (cost 185 Euro)
Twin Set clothes 2018
Asymmetrical red dress (175 €)
Twin Set clothes 2018
Lace dress (248 €)
Twin Set summer clothes 2018
Polka dot dress (198 Euro)
Twin Set summer clothes 2018
Print dress (310 Euro)
twin set Simona Barbieri clothes 2018
Viscose dress (184 Euro)


Twin Set dresses play their charm on a palette of neutral colors from powder pink to gray. For elegant models you also opt for metallic sequins .

The Twin Set 2018 outfit does not miss the attention to detail not even in the most sporting clothes. So the bardot neckline is decorated with micro ruffles , while cracks in creponne and perforations finish the bottom.

twin set Simona Barbieri dresses 2018
Full sequined dress (350 Euro)
twin set dresses 2018
Full sequined dress (280 Euro)
twin set dresses 2018
Lace dress (178 Euro)
Twin set clothes Simona Barbieri 2018
Printing press (226 euros)
Twin set clothes Simona Barbieri 2018
Prints dress (181 Euro)
2018 summer twin set clothes
Mini dress (135 Euro)
2018 summer twin set dresses
Print dress (180 Euro)


Twin Set Simona Barbieri offers long dresses for even more occasions casual and easy. The fabric jersey gives comfort and fit, mind the imagination a flowers decorate a urban outfit with hippie accents.

The Twin Set collection also thinks of Special occasions on hot summer nights with a long dress with printed violets and romantic lace inserts.

Twin Set Simona Barbieri long dresses summer 2018
Muslin dress (330 Euro)
Twin Set Simona Barbieri long dresses 2018
Long print dress (398 Euro)
Twin Set Simona Barbieri long dresses
Long print dress (350 Euro)
long dresses Twin Set Simona Barbieri summer 2018
Long poplin dress (218 Euro)
long dresses Twin Set Simona Barbieri 2018
Long lace dress (299 Euro)


Elegant suits in technical jersey with drawstring in life and trousers jogging line they are wild garments throughout the day.

The novelty of summer 2018? THE palace trousers with jump at the ankle that Twin Set declines in different fabrics, from denim to cady.

Twin Set summer spring 2018 suit
Jersey suit (190 Euro)
Twin Set suits Simona Barbieri 2018
Embroidery overalls (228 Euro)
Twin Set 2018 suits
Cady suit (176 Euro)
Twin Set 2018 suits
Printing suit (342 euros)


The blouses sleeveless take up the features seen above of the Twin Set clothing collection 2018. Finishing ed lace inserts donate transparencies and movement.

Applications of rhinestones and studs, but also profiling in pearls, embellish the garments. While the borders and decorations a ruffles, as well as the metal sails with gros-grain threaded, make the models contemporary and particular.

From the basic elegance of tank tops in cashmere blend with logoed embroidery you go to the world of hip hop with a jacquard striped viscose cardigan with written , bomber collar and cap sleeves .

Twin Set Simona Barbieri spring summer 2018
Cashmere tank top (108 Euro)
Twin Set clothing Simona Barbieri spring summer 2018
White silk top (cost 90 Euro)
Twin Set Simona Barbieri 2018
Top Ruffles (147 Euro)
Twin Set summer t-shirt 2018
T-shirt with pearls (price 94 Euro)
T-shirt Twin Set Simona Barbieri summer 2018
Ruches t-shirt (80 Euro)
Simona Barbieri Twin Set 2018
Bomber cardigan (cost € 158)
Twin set striped sweater
Striped T-shirt (98 Euro)


The Twin Set 2018 catalog offers a wide choice of styles and models for all women’s clothing from the office to free time up to important occasions.

The shirts Twin Set are no exception. Luxurious and elegant models in silk satin or in laminated georgette they are enriched with flaky necklines or embroidered necks, but also from curls and rounded bottoms.

The shirt in twill of cotton has a drawstring at the waist and a final flounce basque style, while the blouse with Vichy print It is finished at the bottom by a curled flounce with two-tone lace.

Twin Set spring blouse 2018
Vichy blouse (149 Euro)
Twin Set shirts spring summer 2018
Silk shirt (price 225 Euro)
Blouse Twin Set spring 2018
Blouse ruffles (168 Euro)
Twin Set 2018 shirt
Laminated shirt (cost € 198)


The new Twin Set arrivals also land 90s sweatshirts revisited and made hyperfeminine.

Soul rock for the sweatshirt in viscose blend finished by one side band imitation leather and decorated on the shoulders and sleeves from profiling with contrast piping. There inlaid star two-tone with rhinestones intensifies the style of the garment.

The carré in transparency with tulle plumetis and the finishings in applied lace on sleeves and shoulders make sweatshirts suitable for chic outfits.

Twin Set Simona Barbieri sweatshirt spring summer 2018
Star sweatshirt (138 Euro)
sweatshirt Twin Set spring 2018
Lace sweatshirt (cost 146 Euro)
Spring 2018 Twin Set sweatshirt
Sweatshirt tulle (165 €)


The lurex sweaters of women’s fashion Twin Set spring 2018 will take you around the capitals of the world and their most representative monuments: London, New York, Paris and Rome!

If this is not enough, you will travel between them rhinestone stars applied on plain-colored or lasanghe motifs. A colorful universe, illuminated with nickel and rhinestone stars, also infects the cardigan printed al reverse and ribbed profiles.

Style navy destroyed for the striped shirt, in cotton ribbed three-quarter sleeves with lapels and frills.

Twin Set knit spring summer 2018
Striped sweater (122 Euro)
Twin Set Sweater 2018
Star sweater (price 99 euros)
Twin card set Spring 2018
Cardigan with stars (cost 169 Euro)
jerseys City Twin Set 2018
Lurex sweater (140 Euro)
Twin Set Simona Barbieri Jersey 2018
Lurex sweater (149 €)


Denim returns preponderantly with trench is jeans jackets from medium-light washes. Models vary from the line slim , cropped or oversize . Ruches e patch of roses in sequins the garments are softened.

Inevitable biker jackets skin red suede fire or in leatherette with contrasting sleeves and stars. There buckle in life it allows to adjust the wearability to the best.

Spring Parka is lightweight in technical fabric iridescent effect with drawstring at the bottom and profiled opening from ruffles. Among the spring quilts we find models at the hood or from the line to A with bow collar and folk print with all-over hearts.

jeans jacket Twin Set spring 2018
Denim jacket (price 168 Euro)
Twin Set 2018 jeans jacket
Denim dropped jacket (cost 158 ​​euros)
Twin Set Simona Barbieri denim jacket 2018
Denim jacket (190 Euro)
Twin Set Simona Barbieri nail spring 2018
Suede leather (348 Euro)
Twin Spring Set 2018 nail
Nail with stars (price 198 Euro)
Trench Twin Set 2018
Denim trench (218 Euro)
Twin Set Simona Barbieri Spring 2018 jacket
Jacket with ruffles (132 Euro)
parka Twin Set Simona Barbieri spring summer 2018
Parka Ruffes (price 162 Euro)
Twin Set down jacket Simona Barbieri spring 2018
Quilted jacket with flounces (248 Euro)
Twin Set 2018 spring down jacket
Hooded down jacket (228 Euro)
Twin Set black spring 2018 down jacket
Black down jacket with hearts (cost 218 Euro)
Twin Set Simona Barbieri down jacket 2018 spring
Ruffle duvet (238 Euro)
Twin Set down jacket Simona Barbieri spring 2018
Ruffle down jacket (290 €)


Twin Set trousers have models cigarette in Canvas or Vichy print with fold stretch but also palace trousers in marocain with spotted print or laminated gauze pleated .

More sporting models start from lurex pants with multicolor bands to finish a leggings with side inserts in leatherette passing through models joggers in technical jersey.

Shorts range from mini model in bouclé fabric multicolor with micropaillettes and denim inserts, trousers cropped in leatherette with side bands and inlaid star.

shorts Twin Set summer 2018
Bouclé shorts (138 Euro)
trousers Twin Set spring summer 2018
Cropped trousers (price 135 Euro)
Twin Set 2018 trousers
Vichy trousers (cost 114 Euro)
leggings Twin Set Simona Barbieri spring summer 2018
Leggings with zip (108 Euro)
Twin Set palazzo pants 2018
Palazzo trousers (price 188 Euro)
Twin Set Simona Barbieri trousers 2018
Canvas trousers (cost 148 euros)
Twin Set Simona Barbieri lurex trousers 2018
Lurex trousers (215 Euro)
Twin Set 2018 leopard trousers
Animalier trousers (cost € 198)
Twin Set joggers spring 2018
Jogging trousers (98 Euro)
joggers Twin Set 2018
Jogging jersey trousers (128 Euro)
Twin Set pleated trousers 2018
Pleated palazzo trousers (228 Euro)
black jeans Twin Set 2018
High waisted jeans (price 122 Euro)


Twin Set jeans are embellished with branded heart buttons, embroidery in rhinestones and studs e charm removable with logo and tags hearts or stars .

The classic wash denim is medium or light However, there are no total black proposals. The models present in general the high waist while the wearability varies from skinny in mom fit.

Twin Set jeans spring summer 2018
Skinny jeans (cost 168 Euro)
Twin Set Simona Barbieri jeans summer 2018
Skinny jeans (186 Euro)
jeans Twin Set spring summer 2018
High waisted jeans (209 Euro)
Twin Set 2018 jeans
Jeans girlfriend (190 Euro)
black jeans Twin Set 2018
Skinny jeans (158 Euro)


The Twin Set midi skirts or longuette they take advantage of the iridescence of the shirt lurex and of the sequins combined with processing a pleated in elegant and ethereal round skirts.

The long skirt is a model at basque in tulle a flounces .

skirts Twin Set Simona Barbieri spring summer 2018
Lurex skirt (160 Euro)
Twin skirt Spring summer 2018 set
Full sequin skirt (170 Euro)
Twin Set skirts spring summer 2018
Tulle skirt (270 Euro)


Twin Set is a story made of refined garments and precious fabrics, the result of the passion of Simona Barbieri , Italian fashion designer of Modenese origin. The company was founded in 1987 by Simona Barbieri and Tiziano Sgarbi in Capri, with a clothing line recognizable by the heart-shaped logo. Initially they were only knitted garments but, after the great success, Twin Set has expanded the fashion line. Today Twin Set is a large company with more than 700 employees and 74 stores and also an online shop. In the shop of the brand we find the women’s clothing line, but also bags, shoes, wallets, costumes, beachwear and the Twinset girl line, a collection of clothes and accessories for girls. Among the most recent launches there is also the underwear line and Active Deluxe, for sport.


The new collection Twin Set spring summer 2018 already available is online on the official website that in all single-brand stores or brand retailers. If you are looking for discounted Twin Set garments, we advise you to go to the brand’s outlet stores and to monitor the site so as not to miss out on the offers during the sales.

What do you think of the new Twin Set collection? Which models do you like best? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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