Clarisonic Aria: how it works, features and differences

Formula of advanced cleansing , the solution that combines design with functionality: Clarisonic arrives Aria Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush, the new system of deep cleansing for the skin , even the most delicate one that boasts well three speeds.

By now all the beauty addicted know the famous Clarisonic brush for the cleaning of the face, pioneer in the sonic technology scientifically proven in innovative skincare treatments, but the real innovation seems to be Clarisonic Aria Sonic Cleansing Brush .

With 3 speeds with highly qualitative characteristics , Aria allows you to make one personalized cleaning , Which ranges from delicate to powerful, designed by Clarisonic to offer one daily cleaning ‘made to measure ‘For a perfect skin, as transformed.

Let’s find out all the features of this innovative product and what are the differences compared to the first version.
Clarisonic Aria: how it works, features and differences

Clarisonic cleaning brush has evolved. Born from sonic technology and equipped with 3 levels of sonic speed (no more than just 2), allows you to customize your cleaning routine to respond to different skin conditions.

1) Conceived for fragilized skin, the Speed ​​speed 1 it is delicate and suitable for all types of skin , also for sensitive skin.
2) The Speed ​​speed 2 instead, it offers one cleaning up to six times greater of that carried out by hand, increasing the efficiency of the previous Speed ​​Speed ​​by 26%.
3) For a shock action to remove the most stubborn impurities, Clarsonic has also thought of Speed ​​3 , the third intended speed, which provides the right power to increase cleaning by 30% compared to Speed ​​2 speed.

The oscillations per second, over 300, are unchanged, while the space in which each bristle moves forward and backwards (defined as amplitude) has been innovated. In fact, according to Clarisonic, the amplitude contributes to increase the power of each speed , determining a more powerful fluid force able to reduce pores.
Clarisonic Aria: how it works, features and differences

What are the news and the differences compared to the previous model sold in Italy? Clarisonic Aria comes with a adjustable timer which favors a further personalization of the cleaning routine thanks to the presence of cleaning cycles of one or two minutes.

A light it also allows you to view the different speeds depending on the intensity of the light and a battery level indicator alerts you in real time when the battery is low. Perfect for those who like to be flexible, Aria’s battery charger comes with a USB cable that allows an easy and simple recharge both at home and on the road.

The Clarisonic Air Kit It includes:

Clarisonic Aria ;
Support support ;
Separable pLink USB battery charger (TM Universal Voltage) ;
Wall adapter ;
Sensitive head ;
1 sample 30 ml refreshing cleansing gel ;
2 year warranty .
Clarisonic Aria: how it works, features and differences

How does it act on the skin? Air Sonic Cleansing Brush swing forward and backward to one sonic frequency with more than 300 movements per second , allowing to gently remove the impurities of the skin from the pores.

Sonica technology works with the natural elasticity of the skin and allows a cleaning six times higher than that done by hand. According to Clarisonic the cleansing of the face is so effective as to make it more receptive skin to treatments applied later.

In the video below you can see practically how you use:

The results of the Clarisonic clinical tests performed showed one reduction of the visibility of the pores, wrinkles and fine lines as well as a improvement of skin tone . If I try to test it I will be happy to present a review with the demonstration of the results obtained.
Clarisonic Aria: how it works, features and differences

The new Clarisonic Aria Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush is available from March 2014 exclusively in Sephora perfumeries and on the official website to the price of 199 euros in white, black and pink.

This intrigues you new model of Clarisonic ?

Clarisonic Aria: how it works, features and differences

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