CK One Summer 2012 in Special Offer at € 36.45

Ck One Summer 2012 Summer is time for new perfumes, and often in the summer fragrances you can find sparkling tones, fresh and not too heavy, the new proposal is that Calvin Klein and his new one CK One Summer 2012 Unisex .

Bergamot, cucumber, mint and lime are the top notes, ideal for the season, in a single perfume designed for both men and women, an excellent gift idea that can be exploited in two.

Rosemary and lotus flower, however, are the heart of the fragrnaza, which give that sweet and delicate touch to the Ck One Summer. The essence is completed with sandalwood, ruhm and musk, at the bottom.

The packaging in perfect line with the season, sees a bottle of a lit lime green almost fluo with orange cap.

Would you like to buy it in special offer for only 36.45 euros?

Ck One Summer 2012

The opportunity reserved for Beautydea readers is to have the perfume CK One Summer 2012 with a sensational discount , buying it from , a site stocked with fragrances of all kinds, from the best known and advertised, to niche perfumes and sought after for lovers of the genre!

All perfumes for sale on the site I’m already discounted compared to the list prices, and for the Beautydea readers one is offered further discount of 10% on the new born of the house Calvin Klein . Ck One Summer 2012

Shipping costs are very low, only € 4.90, are free for orders over 100Euro, and you can pay by credit card, prepaid card, bank transfer, or delivery.

The price of the CK One Summer and of 54 € , on the site it is found discounted to 40,50 € and the Beautydea special price and of 36.45 euros , how can we miss this opportunity?

In the special offer for Beautydea also the Ck Eternity Summer .

The discount code to be included in the cart is: BY-CKsummer (observe upper and lower case) and will be valid until June 15, 2012 .

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