Cipria Surreale Neve Cosmetics: reviews, opinions

The House Piedmontese cosmetics it never ceases to amaze us! Here, in fact, get on the market new innovative product, the Powder Snow Cosmetics Surreal.

This new one translucent face powder it goes to enrich the already wide range of facial products of the brand, which season after season has won us with impalpable powders as Kalahari and Enlightenment, bio correctors from the cream to powder formula, and of course high coverage mineral foundations.


La Cipria Surreale falls into the category of HD products , with a transparent and perfect finish: do you want to discover it in detail? Let’s look at it closely and see the results of the product test.

Powder Snow Cosmetics

Snow Cosmetics Surreal Face Powder

snow cosmetics surreal powder


Two extraordinary minerals, the Mica and the Silica , they were joined by Neve Cosmetic to create one impalpable powder able to amplify the merits of both.

This new snow was called “Surreal” just because its 100% mineral powder has a opaque but velvety finish , which seems to be just ‘surreal’, because it has never been tried before.

How does it act on the skin? The Silica HD properties minimize defects, while mica gives a fresh and soft appearance. Powder Surreal Snow Cosmetics


The ingredients are only Mica (CI 77019) e Silica . It is free of preservatives, silicones, parabens, petrolatum, and is formulated to reduce the risk of allergy, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free. IS’ Vegetarian & Vegan , ie it does not contain animal or animal ingredients. Strictly Made in Italy and cruelty free.
Snow Cosmetics Surreal Face Powder

Powder Snow


For what concern packaging , the new mineral powder Snow is contained in one jar with 4 grams of product. Free dust is not lost thanks to one practical closure made of transparent plastic that allows the product to escape through the small holes . The classic black lid then hermetically closes the pot.

The lid is serigraphy and the writing “Neve Cosmetics” creates beautiful plays of color under the sunlight.

Snow Cosmetics Surreal Face Powder

Transparent powder Neve Cosmetics


Snow powder is visually colored White but once applied becomes transparent. There texture is very light , able to spread the light on the face giving a natural matte finish and delicate, which goes to perfecting the skin in an impalpable way.

Snow Cosmetics Surreal Face Powder


To apply this product to the best you need to use a wide brush that can distribute the powder uniformly. In this sense, the most suitable brush is definitely the powder brush Lilac Powder Neve Cosmetics, or one with a similar shape, because thanks to its super soft synthetic bristles distributes the powder to perfection , avoiding accumulating product.

Powder Snow Cosmetics

To be sure to apply the right amount of powder is necessary pour a small amount in the powder cap and turn the brush inside it, to make it penetrate between the bristles. If you think you have taken too much product just tap the brush to remove the excess.

Snow Cosmetics Surreal Face Powder


Here’s how Surreal looks on the skin: its texture is super thin, the color perfectly white.
Snow Cosmetics Surreal Face Powder

And here is the product not widespread: not blurring Surreal you notice the rather obvious white nuance.

Snow Cosmetics Surreal Face Powder

But it is blurring this it disappears completely on the skin , giving a fresh and luminous effect, yet mattificato. The skin turns out brighter but the imperfections are not highlighted.

Snow Cosmetics Surreal Face Powder


After the application the skin becomes soft , it really seems to caress the velvet! You notice immediately the opaque effect but at the same time slightly bright : the latter avoids making the dead skin . The two effects are apparently in contrast, but in reality they complete perfectly in fact, the skin is opaque and luminous, but it does not shine !

The great advantage of this product is its ability to eliminate lucidity of the face and make it look like it radiant skin . Who has one mixed or oily skin that tends to shine because of the production of sebum during the day, will see this powder as a great ally!

How long does the opaque effect last? It depends on kind of skin , from the greater or less tendency to lucidity and also from the external climatic conditions. In the summer, for example, we have to deal with sweat. Based on my test, on oily skin keeps the skin perfect until half day, then just a touch-up in the afternoon to ensure a matte effect until the evening.

Regardless of the clarity of the skin, the new transparent powder Neve Cosmetics fixes makeup and increases its resistance over time This is why it is also useful for those with one normal skin without particular problems.


The new Cipria Surreale is available on official website Neve Cosmetics from March 25th , as well as in the shops that sell Neve Cosmetics , which are now very many!

The price of this product? And of 12.90 euros, just like the other brand powders.


On the occasion of the launch of Surreale, the mineral makeup brand decided to delight us with a “Powder Promo”, active until March 31st : all Neve Cosmetics powders, the latest addition included, are in offer with a 30% discount , going to cost only 9.03 euros.

Moreover, on this occasion, the expenses of shipping on all orders , during this promo, amount to only 2.99 euros !

Snow Cosmetics Surreal Face Powder

Are you curious about the surreal face powder? If you like it as a product, do not miss the promotion! Let us know your opinions by leaving us a comment!

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