Christmas make-up gifts 2017 for real Beauty Addict!

The Christmas it gets closer and closer to the rush of gifts, more and more frenetic! Fortunately, large cosmetic companies offer us original gift ideas and perfect for us true beauty addict!

We present a broad overview of beauty proposals for this Christmas 2017: let’s discover together the most interesting, sought-after and almost unobtainable cosmetics … but not for us!


Christmas is without a doubt the most favorable time of the year to do beauty purchases .

In the large amount of cosmetics proposed for the holidays there are products ” must have “That can only be appreciated by the most experienced, from makeup collectors and make-up artists. We are talking about caskets, pallets and lipsticks that we would like to have in our beauty case but that are not easily found in the classic perfumeries.

You are ready to know everything you want one true passion for makeup for this Christmas 2017?

Christmas Makeup Gifts 2017


For lipstick lovers, Stila offers Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set Play It Cool (price 21.60 €) , a wonderful box set characterized by 3 opaque liquid lipsticks in shades from nude to deep red.

The Star-Studded Eight Set (price € 48.70) instead, it is characterized by 8 liquid lipsticks , but inside the kit, two metallics appear, intense and enveloping.

Stila caskets lipsticks Christmas 2017

Instead, dedicated to those who want to focus on the look, Stay All Day Liquid Liner and HUGE Mascara Duo Big Shots (price 27.30 €) which contains liquid eyeliner and mascara. Or again Written In the Stars Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow Set (price 25.00 £) , the Stila box set consisting of three shimmer cream and extremely bright eye shadows perfect for parties.

All the Stila news they are available on Beautybay in This Page but also on CultBeauty in This Page .

Stila gift boxes Christmas eyes 2017


Charlotte Tilbury offers a series of caskets both dedicated to skincare and makeup, essential if we always love to have a impeccable make-up but natural and a luminous and perfect skin.

Eg Charlotte’s Beauty Icons (price 55.00 £) It contains a face cream, a revealing lotion of brightness, a volumizing mascara and a very elegant nude lipstick with tone-on-tone pencil.

Charlotte Tilbury gift boxes Christmas 2017

If you once again give preference to lipsticks, it is essential Hot Lips Mini Celebrity Lipstick Charms (price 29.00 £) , the casket featured by three elegant miniatures of lipsticks proposals in extremely trendy and trendy colors.

Charlotte Tilbury set lipsticks Christmas 2017

Wonderful Instant Eye Palette (price 60.00 £) , a neutral color palette, refined and elegant taste that contains 12 versatile and exploitable eyeshadows for every occasion.

All the Charlotte Tilbury news are available in This Page .

Charlotte Tilbury set lipsticks Christmas 2017


Do not miss the iconic palette offered by Anastasia Beverly Hills : among all the iconic stands out Subculture Eye Shadow Palette (price 43.00 £) where classic shades are cleverly mixed with unique and original shades.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette eyeshadows Christmas 2017

Unmissable in our collection Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette (price 43.00 £) a best seller Anastasia Beverly Hills characterized by 14 bright and lively shades on the warm tones of nude, orange and pink.

Anastasia Beverly Hills gifts Christmas 2017

Not to be underestimated also the interesting one Prism Eye Shadow Palette (price 43.00 £) , a decisive color selection and character, perfect for those who love to dare!

All the new Anastasia Beverly Hills are available online in This Page .

Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette Christmas 2017


Lime Crime never ceases to amaze and is unbeatable when it comes to originality.

It is an example Diamond Crushers Cracker Box (price 21.00 £) , the gift set featuring 3 wonderful holographic liquid lipsticks that can be used individually or as a topper.

Lime Crime casket lipsticks Christmas 2017

Once again the true lovers of lipsticks will be the protagonists who will see you in front of the Velve-Tin Mini Velvetines Trio (price 24.00 £) the casket Lime Crime that contains three opaque liquid lipsticks of the iconic range Velvetines .

Lime Crime gift box Christmas 2017

How not to love then Aquarium Brush Set (price 46.00 £) , the wonderful kit consisting of 7 face and eye brushes with transparent handle and beautifully enriched with glitter, contained in a bright clutch bag.

All the Lime Crime products they’re available in This Page .

Lime Crime set brushes Christmas 2017


Among the unmissable proposals for this Christmas 2017 that a self-respecting beauty addict must possess, appears Limited Edition Shimmering Skin Perfector Vaul Becca (price 175.00 £) .

It is a splendid one limited edition box set , characterized by 6 compact face powders divided between blush, bronzer and beautiful highlighter.

A real “gem” of luxury, available on the CultBeauty website in This Page as all Becca news .

Becca Box powders face Christmas 2017


The maverick Jeffree Star become an idol thanks to its cosmetic line, proposes a series of gift boxes absolutely “must have”.

The Mini Velor Liquid Lipstick Nudes Volume One (price 51.80 €) is the box that encloses together, 8 wonderful liquid lipsticks in mini format consisting of delicate shades, nude and discreet, perfect for those who love sobriety.

Jeffree Star Christmas gift box 2017

For the more audacious instead there is Family Bundle (price 80.50 €) composed of six shades of Velor Liquid Lipstick , bright, lively and absolutely unique in their kind.

Jeffree Star casket lipsticks Christmas 2017

Like all references Jeffree Star Cosmetics , can be purchased in This Page .


If to finish and adore the brushes and consider these accessories, collectibles, you will buy the beautiful eyes closed What’s In A Name Rose Brush Set (price 51.80 €) proposed by StoryBook Cosmetics .

A kit of 4 face brushes very original, where each of them takes the form of an elegant one rosebud .

For the most romantic instead Unicorn Cosmetics offers Collectors Edition Platinum Brush Set (price 63.30 €) , a selection of 10 brushes with a truly magical unicorn themed handle!

All the Storybook news are available in This Page while Unicorn Cosmetics in This Page.

Unicorn Cosmetics Brushes Christmas 2017


All the news and the Christmas gifts 2017 that we have shown you are easily available online on CultBeauty website in This Page or on the Beautybay website in This Page .

Both e-commerce are English and ship to Italy without risk of customs problems. We have bought several times on both and we have always found ourselves very well!

Have you already spotted something you like? Which box would you like to find under the Christmas tree?


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