Christmas Hairstyles: the most beautiful Photos and Tutorials

Are you looking for hairstyles ideas for Christmas? We have selected a collection for you hairstyles ideas and tutorials to create the perfect hair look in no time!

If you want to make a elegant Christmas hairstyle the options are many, from collected to loose hair, braiding , chignon and artistic hairstyles. Armiamoci fantasy, hair accessories and proceed: here are many pictures and photo tutorials with Christmas hairstyles!

Christmas hairstyles

Christmas hairstyles

Christmas hairstyles

Christmas hairstyles

Christmas hairstyles


The seeds collected solves many problems and we can recreate it on straight and curly hair, on maxi lengths and on bob cut. We can leave a soft lock rolled to the side or weave it, create frisè or many little ones curls , tie the hair with invisible hairpins or with jeweled clasps. The semi-harvested Christmas hairstyle is perfect for the dinner and for the last of the year.

Christmas hairstyle

Christmas hairstyles


For a elegant hair look Here are seeds collected easy to create and very effective. How to proceed:

  • create a tail at the height of the nape, leaving the hair beneath it free;
  • take a lateral lock and roll it around the rubber band;
  • do the same with the section of the other side of the head;
  • repeat the operation again, both right and left, with two other locks;
  • fixed with hairpins.

Hair styling Christmas tutorials


Among the many hairstyles for Christmas we can choose from, the collected it is certainly among the most chic. The crop can be minimal and tight, soft and with elusive curls, have a ‘ vintage allure thanks to a wave on the front strands or be very bon ton with one chaplet braid. The complete crop can be done both on long hair and on one long bob cut .

All simple Christmas hairstyles to achieve, but elegant and in perfect harmony with the refined outfits that we will wear on December 25th.

Christmas collected hair

Hairstyles collected Christmas hair

Collected Christmas hairstyles

Elegant Christmas harvest

Hairstyles for Christmas


If you are looking for simple hairstyles for Christmas, try to achieve this fast harvest and romantic. Proceed as follows:

  • divide the hair into two sections;
  • knot them and roll them up on them;
  • create a spiral wound on the nape first with a section, then with the other;
  • fix your hair with hairpins.

Hair collected tutorial

A more elaborate crop, however, you can get it like this:

  • create side locks by fastening them with rubber bands;
  • weave them along the entire length;
  • roll them up to create a crop.

For this hairstyle you need very long and well-combed hair!

Hair collected Christmas tutorial

Harvest with braids


THE ringlets they always give a very elegant air and we can get them easily with one curling iron . They donate almost all and just choose the right degree of thickness of the bush to have different looks .

If you love the doll allure you’re betting on tight ringlets If you prefer a more natural look, it is better to leave them softer and to dress only from three quarters of the length on. Side line or cottons for voluminous hair and for a bright touch, wear a jewel headband .

Christmas Hairstyles with ringlets

Combing Christmas

Christmas Wavy Hair

Christmas wavy hair combs


The collected more classic , timeless and suitable for all? The tall chignon or lo low chignon !

If you want a well done bun and you are not very practical, use some special sponges , which will allow you to collect your hair without unwanted locks. Sbizzarritevi then with the imagination to make it unique: clasps details, clothespins with rhinestone , combed tufts differently.

Chignon Christmas


Super quick tutorial for a very chic Christmas bun! Here’s how:

  • create a high ponytail;
  • divide it in two;
  • roll a lock on itself and fix it well up;
  • create a braid with the other lock;
  • roll it up at the base of the previous lock;
  • fixed with other hairpins.

Chignon tutorial with braid

Chignon with braid


Lovers of the ponytail be quiet, Christmas hairstyles can not do without it! If you have wavy and curly hair you can bet on messy chic , bringing the hair to the side and tying it all together with a red ribbon , like the one that adorns the gift packages or garlands.

If you like the looks that are developed on one side, browse in our gallery dedicated to side hairstyles .

Hairstyle for Christmas

Pony tail

High hair tail


Classic braid or a Fishbone , those who love an elegant but cheeky look can no doubt bet on her! For an informal hairstyle we opt for two low braids with an ear of wheat and a central line or the classic braid that frames the front of the head and then ends up in two distinct braids.

There Dutch braid , both thin and thick, as a small circle to frame the face: definitely to try!

Braided Christmas hair

Christmas braids

Beaded braid

Braid fish bone

Hairstyles for Christmas


Here are some nice ideas for Christmas hairstyles with braids! To make a seed collected with cascade braid proceed like this:

  • start to weave the hair sideways;
  • descending diagonally, add locks from the top until you reach the opposite side of the head;
  • intertwine again until you get to the center of the length and stop well with a rubber band, which you can cover with a bow.

Cascading braid tutorial

Who has thick and long hair can do the frisè and style your hair in one maxi raised braid in this way:

  • begin to weave the hair into a very thick braid, starting from the front center of the head;
  • continue with the whole length, creating a crown that will frame the head;
  • stops with many hairpins.

Crown braid tutorial

For a fake original braid try to tie the hair like this:

  • knotted two side locks making them converge at the center of the head;
  • add lateral strands to the weave and proceed to knot to the base of the neck;
  • stop the hair with a rubber band;
  • fold the length behind the netting of knotted hair and the braid with knots is done!

Braid tutorial with knots


Do you have curly hair? Do not sacrifice them right at Christmas and New Year, but rather, put them in the foreground! After having defined them well with the righteous ones styling products suitable for you, move them all sideways, or create a soft harvest , in which to leave free curls to frame the face. These hairstyles for curly hair are perfect even if you have a medium-short cut.

If you are looking for other ideas for wavy hair we suggest you to look at our collection of hairstyles for curly hair .

Curly hair hairstyle Christmas

Collected curly hair


Do you love frisè? Here’s how to create a beautiful Christmas hairstyle! After getting passed with the appropriate plate all the hair, proceed like this:

  • take two side strands and cross them on the nape;
  • repeat the action along the entire length up to the base of the neck;
  • fix the hair well with the hairpins creating a tail.

You can add threads of pearls thin and clothespins with rhinestone , to give a more original touch.

Frisé hair

Hairstyle frisé Christmas hair

Another idea with the frisé is to create one side braid not too tight, which will be super voluminous.

Braid with frisè


Do you want a romantic hairstyle to celebrate Christmas? Here’s how to make gods flakes with your hair! Proceed as follows:

  • take two side locks and tie them on the nape holding a part with the elastic band;
  • widen the tuft on the nape to create the bow;
  • cover the center with a side lock;
  • fixed with invisible lacquer and hairpins.

Bow hair tutorial

A more elaborate Christmas hairstyle, which requires thick hair, is obtained as follows:

  • make a high ponytail;
  • divide it into three strands;
  • fix every single lock by recreating a bow;
  • abound with hairpins and clothespins!

Hair bow Christmas hairstyle

Combing hair bow


Do you want to impress relatives and friends? Add the Christmas decorations to your hairstyle! Crowns of pine cones, Pine needles , balls of Christmas tree , threads of pearls and all the typical components of Christmas decorations can become hair accessories, including hair Santa Claus !

Hair hairstyle Christmas decorations

Hair Look Christmas Babba


Another evergreen is without a doubt the perfect smooth! Arm yourself with plate and hair polishing products and smooth your hair at best: you will be bright, elegant and beautiful!

Straight hair Christmas

The Christmas hairstyles, as you can see, are so many! What will be the hairstyle you will show off this Christmas? Say it in the comments!


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