Christmas and New Year hairstyles: original ideas!

You are lovers of hairstyle and look for original ideas for the Christmas holidays? Here are many beautiful ideas to indulge you with particular hairstyles for Christmas is New Year !


THE hair they are an important element of ours look : you can wear a simple black dress and make the outfit elegant and chic with an ordered chignon, or play down the whole and make the look more sporty with a loose hair a little disheveled. So we get completely different effects only playing with ours combing !

Let’s find out together photo more beautiful for original hairstyles!


What are the first images that come to mind thinking of the Christmas ? Adorned trees, snowy landscapes and colorful gift boxes embellished with fantastic flakes ! To stay on theme with the Christmas holidays, an original idea could be to decorate your hairstyle with colorful bows; you can choose the color , the fabric and the form that you like more!

Original New Year's hairstyles Original hairstyles for parties

For example, you can use a tape as a hair band and tie the two ends around the nape forming a bow. Here is one simple hairdo , fast is romantic !

Original Christmas hairstyles

Alternatively, you can place the bow at the base of one voluminous chignon or, for an even more chic look, embellish your elegant banana bun with a clip in the shape of a bow studded with shiny glitter . A touch of light to make your hairstyle shine!

Particular Christmas hairstyle

And for the short cuts ? No problem, even girls with short hair and jaunty will be able to follow this trend; to decorate your hair, it is sufficient to apply a tape under a circlet particular (maybe with a charm in the shape of Snowflake , to stay on topic) and you’re done!

Short hair hairstyle Christmas


The hair collected It is the ultimate in elegance: it adapts to any type of outfit and is perfect for all occasions , from a party in a refined restaurant, to the simple and pleasant family dinner at relatives’ house.

For this kind of hairstyle the basic element is only one: the volume ! If you are curly, you will certainly have no problems with the volumizing of your hairstyle; you will have enough to tame your curls collecting them on top of the nape and stopping them with hairpins.

Original Christmas hair hairstyle

For girls from smooth hair instead, the best method to give a little volume to the hair is always the cotonatura: do not be scared, nothing like the exaggerated 80s hairstyles! Pass a fine-toothed comb over the strands around your face to create the slightly rounded effect that will make your look a bit’ unkempt and less ordered.

Particular and sophisticated hairstyle

Or help yourself with one plate , like conical curling irons, to create some soft waves to be collected at the top of the head.

Elegant and sophisticated hairstyle

Get inspired by past eras ! Take cue, for example, from hairstyles typical of the ’70s. The keyword is always volume and cottony, but remember to combine a simple and refined makeup, like a thin line of eyeliner.

Simple and voluminous hairstyle for the holidays

In case you had a short and curly cut embellish your look with one crown chaplet of sparkling “diamonds”!

Hairstyle wavy hair for Christmas

On the contrary, those who always want to be perfect is impeccable , definitely opt for the hair collected , always voluminous, but definite is ordered .

Hairstyle long hair

Better if beautified and enhanced by decorations always on the tones Christmas dell ‘ gold and of the silver .

Original New Year's hairstyles

new year's hair

Or enrich your hairstyle simply with decorative braids .

hair with braid and collected for the holidays

braid hair and harvest for the holidays


Finally, as a last option, the classic loose hair . To give dynamism to your hair just create some read waves at the base of the hair and maybe add a braid to frame the face.

Hairstyles for the holidays

Hairstyles for the holidays


If you are good hairstylist and you want to leave all open-mouthed , you can launch yourself on perfectly themed hairstyles, but really crazy! A little bit of lacquer , some Christmas decoration and you will turn into gift packages or Christmas trees! Impossible to go unnoticed!

artistic hairstyles for Christmas

artistic hairstyles Christmas

A Christmas tree hairstyle It’s definitely the craziest and funest idea there is!

Christmas tree hairstyles

Christmas tree hairstyles

And you what hairstyle choose? Hair loose or collected? Let us know that is your favorite hairstyle with a comment below!


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