Christmas: 10 original gift ideas for him

If we talk about gifts, men are always complicated unlike us women. For this we offer you nice original gift ideas for him you find easily online for Christmas .

They always complain about the usual diamond sweater that they find under the tree rather than the monotone ties, set of bubble bath and aftershave that remain abandoned for years until expiry.

It’s not just i boyfriends or husbands to give us a hard time, but also i brothers, the Pope he friends , right? This year we can surprise the men of our lives with gods original objects that embrace their passions and their hobby without spending a fortune.

Give her flasks of the new millennium, alle agendas more nerd, the classics for gourmets and targeted proposals for those who love music or the most particular accessories to wear. 10 original gift ideas for him We abandon old gift ideas unfashionable and we try to hit them with something out of the ordinary and also ironic:


There are the technological men that can not help but leave home with mobile phones, tablets, portable hard drives and myriads of computer gadgets , the low gift that can make them happy is this 3in1 pen with nib for touch screens to use on smartphones and tablets, USB pendrive (from 8, 16 and 32 gb) e stylus pen to take notes when you are around ( buy with prices from € 19.90 on giordanoshop ).

computer gadget gift ideas

If the world of your man revolves around the drink, be it beers, wine or shot, many nice proposals to snatch a smile when they unload the package:

Beer and Food Book : and the book perfect for those who love pubs and breweries and contains the complete list of main combinations of beers and sandwiches , to make them true experts in the field ( buy on Asos for € 14.20 );
gift idea book beers

The Bomb Shot Glasses : a set of shot glasses to prepare the famous “at home” shot bomb “, The shottini composed of 2 different compartments in which different liquors are poured to be thrown down together in one breath ( buy on Asos for € 14.22 ); gift idea man glass shot

Flask: is an object that all the masks desire, perhaps because it makes them feel like men of other times, and those that we find on the market today are also funny, ironic and cheap. On Asos we find it as different as the proposal Achorman ( purchases at a cost of € 14.22 ) and the set in a gift box which in addition to the flask also includes cufflinks ( buy at the price of € 22.75 ); gift idea man flask gift idea man flask

Spirit of Barolo Wine connoisseurs will be proud to receive this wine and grappa box with 6 glasses in the gift box, with an elegant wooden box with red inside (price € 99.90). wine man gift idea

THE’ Christmas gift idea 2014 more original than there is for a musician, even better if it’s a drummer, these are pens in the form of chopsticks that will surely make the eyes open to the fans even if they cost very little ( purchases from Asos for € 7.11 ). gift idea man drumstick pen

To super busy nerds we can only give a diary, better if Moleskine and even better if it’s the Star Wars edition , they will surely ask you where you found it! ( buy on the Moleskine website for € 22.90 ). gift idea man agenda star wars The most attentive to the aesthetics and to their outfits will surely like something to wear and here are some really special gift ideas that can surprise:

Twins Superman and Batman : i Gemini on the shirt are a touch of class, but if they are downplayed they may even be used in less formal circumstances, and here it is Asos makes available to the desperate looking for a gift idea for him these sets of twins dedicated to Superman is Batman , in a very masculine metal box ( buy on Asos Batman or Superman for € 14.22 ).
gift idea man twins batman superman
Compass Necklace Forzieri instead, this is more demanding necklace with steel chain link with a beautiful one compass pendant , which in addition to having a truly masculine aesthetic is also an advice not to “never lose the compass” ( buy on for € 98 )
gift idea man necklace compass

Have you found any interesting ideas for yours? If instead you need some ideas for your friends do not miss the most beautiful pallets to give away at Christmas and the beloved ones Pandora jewelry .

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