Christian Louboutin Nail Polishes: here is the collection

Once upon a time in France there was a small designer of shoes that one day he decided to distinguish his creations from the mass by coloring the sole of an unmistakable red. That sole would soon become the dream of all women in the world and now that color turns into nail varnish, to bring that luxury even on the nails with the Louboutin nail polishes .

In 1993 Christian Louboutin adds the first one red sole to his shoes while working alongside his assistant who spread the red nail polish on his nails, from there the inspiration for a detail that would make him famous all over the planet, with what is called “the shoe” par excellence, symbol of femininity accentuated by the sensuality of red.

Louboutin nail polishes

Christian Louboutin
Christian Louboutin
Today is launched collection of Louboutin nail polishes , which marks the entry of this myth into the world of beauty , and the first one that is put on the square is just that red to which he owes his success, imitated by all parts of the planet, with poor results.

Louboutin nail polishes

Louboutin nail polishes

Being Christian Louboutin the design of the Rouge Louboutin collection could only be extremely particular, with a black cap which is inspired by stiletto heel stiletto of the last ballerina of 2007, of 8 cm, and one phial diamond shaped from black to red. A unique packaging for an enamel! Louboutin nail polishes Louboutin nail polish
Christian Louboutin nail polishes

The paint of the Christian Louboutin nail polishes It is contained in a leather box that makes it not just a glaze, but a real luxury concentrate to hang on the nails, for a dream manicure. Louboutin nail polishes Louboutin glazes 2014

The Louboutin mini collection of glazes is made up of colors Pop, Nude, Noir in addition to the red “Rouge”.

All the colors of Louboutin nail polishes

Here are all the colors of Louboutin nail polishes that will be available soon:
The Pops
Escatin , orange;
Popi , Coral red;
Miss Loubi , coral pink;
Plumiette , dark pink;
bengali raspberry;

The Pops Louboutin nail polishes
Lova , Violet;
Wherever , ultramarine;
Ni Toi Ni Moi , light green oil;
Batignolles , green water;
Mula Lisa , acid green.

The Pops Louboutin nail polishes

The Nudes
Sweet Charity , ivory;
Madame Est Nue , beige fished;
La Favorita , powder pink;
Tres Decolette , baby pink;
Just Nothing , beige;

The Nudes Louboutin nail polishes
Tutulle , nude pink;
Simple Nude , beige nude;
Me Nude , Cappuccino;
Zoulou , chocolate;
High Pearl , gray-beige.

The Nudes Louboutin nail polishes

The Noirs
Very Prive , blood red;
Sevillana , dark bordeaux;
Lady Page dark mauve;
white , blue satin ink;
Lady Twist , Petroleum;

Louboutin The Noirs nail polishes
Zermadame , green forest;
Daffodile , taupe;
Farida , satin bronze;
Kheops , dark chocolate;
Khol , intense black.

Louboutin The Noirs nail polishes


For now we find on the site the first Christian Louboutin nail polish , of the collection, Le Rouge , with a wonderful presentation and an exciting one video that we invite you to watch.

The line, already presented internationally, will be on sale in over one hundred stores all over the world , from the United States to Europe. Buying red and black will allow you to recreate the original Louboutin manicure !

Louboutin glazes
Louboutin nail polishes

How much do they cost? The price for the first of the Louboutin nail polishes it is 50 Dollars (45.00 Euro), a cost that, although high, for a collector’s piece of the kind is worth daring, as well as for all the dream shoes of the Louboutin autumn winter collection 2014 2015.

We are eager to know your opinions because for us it is really the beauty launch of the year!

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