Celine bags collection spring summer 2017

Like every year, the new collection of Celine bags, stylish is sought .

Models for all tastes color the new catalog of the note French fashion house with high quality bags made with precious materials .


For 2017 Celine has thought of refined shoulder bags equipped with long shoulder strap to be worn too cross body . With a wallet closure and lizard leather, they are fitted with precious golden finishes and with attention to the smallest details.

Celine Bags 2017
Celine bags 2017, medium size shoulder model in lizard leather (price € 5,300)
Celine bags in lizard
Celine bags in lizard


The Celine handbag is a cult. Timeless trapezoidal Phantom model but for 2017 turns with a look more geometric . The spectrum of colors proposed has unique nuances with personalized nuances and contrasting profiles .

They are back in vogue 60s bags rigid design with a single handle. With a Celine bag you will always feel you are the stars of a fashion week.

Celine Phantom bag
Celine bags 2017, handbag model Phantom pierced (cost 2.800 euros)
Phantom Celine Bags
Phantom Celine Bags 2017
Celine handbag
Celine handbag in calfskin (price 1600 Euro)
Celine hand bags
Celine handbags colored and in fantasy
Celine red bag
Red bag in shiny leather (cost 2,900 Euro)
Celine bags with handle
Celine leather bags with handle
Celine bicolor bag
Bi-color bag medium version (price 1.300 Euro)


If you are a fan of comfort the bags will be perfect for you shopper . A skeleton key is the canvans fabric bag with logo.

In line with the seasonal trends, Celine makes very special bucket bags that they can unite confort and style. Leather bag characterized by contrasting colors . An iconic and recognizable bag wherever you are. .

Celine shopper bag
Shopper bag in canvas (price 1.300 Euro)
Celine bucket bag
Bucket bag in smooth bicolor leather (cost 1.600 Euro)
Celine bucket bags
Celine bucket bags


If you are a student or a worker you will love shoulder bags. roomy they will be able to contain all your books and your computer. From elegant design but at the same time sporty they know how to be purses but not binding bags. Proposals in sober and neutral colors with wide fabric shoulder strap.

Celine shoulder bag
Navy blue shoulder bag (cost € 1,700)
Celine shoulder bags 2017
Celine shoulder bags 2017


Small and discreet they are perfect for a walk downtown or for an evening in the clubs. There postman model bag is an evergreen that Celine offers in pastel colors and in python . There are no shortcuts cross body with zip closure, a timeless bag.

Celine postman model bag
Yellow postman bag (price 1.250 Euro)
Celine shoulder bags 2017
Celine fantasy shoulder bags
Celine leather shoulder bags
Leather straps (price 1,750 Euro)
Celine trio bag
Celine trio bag, leather shoulder bags (cost 780 Euro)


The style in 2017 has a name and is Celine maxi bag. You’ve seen them on the catwalks and glossy magazines, now it’s time to have one. Perfect with every outfit, super capacious and super trendy.

Despite the particular shape and that does not go unnoticed, the proposed colors are less striking than the design of the bag itself. The woman Celine needs a lot of things when she leaves home and there maxi bag think to satisfy this need.

Celine Maxi Bag
Celine Maxi Bag (price 3,200 euros)
Celine maxi shoulder bags
Shoulder bags maxi
White bag with Celine drops
White tote with painted brass drops (price € 2900)
Celine bag bag
Red bag in leather (cost 2200 Euro)


Celine bags are on sale both in the brand stores and on the official online shop www.celine.com.

Do you like the bags of the Parisian brand? Which model would you like to buy?


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