Catrice Welcome to Las Vegas: here is the collection

 Inspired by the night life of Las Vegas , with its incredible hotels, casinos and seductive showgirls, the latest make up collection of Catrice Cosmetics focuses on the look by night.

It’s a limited edition, called Welcome to Las Vegas and includes eye shadows, gloss, false eyelashes, eyeliner, luminous powders and enamels, the essential for a diva make-up, bright and sparkling, which is reminiscent of the burlesque style.

For those who still do not know it, Catrice Cosmetics is a German make-up line produced by Essence’s own home. She arrived in Italy recently and her cosmetics are on sale in Coin stores.

The make up collection Las Vegas it is available from November 2011.

For the eyes Catrice proposes the 01 Curtain Up palette! with 4 very elegant eye shadows: dark gray, midnight blue, intense violet to give depth to the look and beige gold to create the light points. The texture is silky and highly pigmented, promises to last all night!

TO Las Vegas the lips of the pin-up are sparkling and strong colors. The look is created with the lipgloss duo available in three versions: 01 Sinner Bella; 02 Welcome and Glitz Glamor and 03 Let Me Seduce. On the one hand they have a very intense base color in shades of pink, fuchsia and violet, while on the other they have a metallic effect gloss in gold, bronze or platinum.

Catrice Welcome to Las Vegas

We arrive at the luxury liquid eyeliner, with a very pigmented black color, with golden reflections. It is equipped with a brush with a very thin tip for a precise application. It’s called 01 Drama Queen.

The fake eyelashes of the collection are sophisticated, elegant and sexy Welcome to Las Vegas by Catrice . They are perfect for a star look!

Catrice Welcome to Las Vegas

A sparkling body powder is contained in a vintage-style bottle with a pump on the side. It would be to buy even just for the delicious packaging!

For a trick that lasts all night a Las Vegas , there is the transparent fixing powder, 10 Fairy Dust, with an opaque finish.

The glamor style can also be seen on the nails! And here are 4 glazes with strong colors: 01 Lovely Sinner, a bright red; 02 Alluring Night, a blue night; 03 Star of the Show, a covering gold; 04 Drama Queen, a taupe with golden reflections.

Catrice Welcome to Las Vegas

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