Catrice Denim Devine, make up Summer 2016

A living fashion legend: the jeans , from the 19th century work trousers to the universal look of today, it has always been an authentic must have to be worn in every shape, fabric and pattern.

An iconic passepartout proposed in the runways of the 2016 S / S season with the silhouette of the jumpsuits, tight-fitting clothes made of blue jeans, which will surely become the new trends of the season.


No other fabric is so versatile and used by stylists more than denim: for this reason Catrice presents Denim Devine , the new limited edition for summer 2016 dedicated to the many shades and combinations of jeans.

The summer top make up products according to Catrice are characterized by an elegant color pack rose gold , bronzing textures with a fabric-patterned style, with iconic nuances ranging from blue to nude, from brown to coral.


Eye palette Catrice distinguished by an elegant golden rosé pack and six shades of eye shadow, in a perfect mix between nude shades and a pinch of color.

Catrice Denim Devine, make up Summer 2016

Six eye shadows from the silky texture in shades of nude, apricot, brown and even bronze and dark blue, all in one palette to be used for sophisticated daytime look but also for intense blue evening smoky eyes.

Catrice Denim Devine, make up Summer 2016


The look is emphasized by the new color night blue dell ‘ liquid eyeliner Catrice. A liquid liner from long lasting matte texture for a make up look right in denim style: the thin applicator allows to realize precise and fine lines, ideal to create spectacular visual tricks.

Catrice Denim Devine, make up Summer 2016

BRONZER CATRICE (price 5.69 euros)

Earth face characterized by finish matt for a naturally tanned complexion and for a delicate contouring of the oval. Thanks to paperback texture in jeans fabric style and the golden rosé pack the Bronzer Catrice summer 2016 is an authentic must-have that can not miss in the travel make-up bag.

Catrice Denim Devine, make up Summer 2016

BLUSH CATRICE (price 4,59 euros)

The romantic pink nuance of the Blush Catrice Denim Devine gives a healthy and luminous complexion to the tanned skin. Simple to apply and blend, emphasizes cheekbones thanks to its natural, silky and matt finish.

It too has a waffle worked with a woven denim fabric texture.

Catrice Denim Devine, make up Summer 2016

CATRICE LIPGLOSS (price 3.99 euros)

For the summer 2016 Catrice offers a super bright lip makeup with the new ones lipgloss Denim Devine. The light and delicately colored texture of the Catrice lip gloss gives the lips a special shine in coral and nude shades, for a perfect summer make-up.

  • C01 Women’s Cut , coral pink;
  • C02 Comfort Fit , beige with gold reflections.

Catrice Denim Devine, make up Summer 2016

SMALTI ESTATE CATRICE (price 3.39 euros)

Unmissable in the trend edition collections of the Cosnova group, i Catrice glazes Denim Devine are declined in five colors to complete the ‘jeans outfit’.

The formula stands out for its high coverage, long service life and for the different finishes of each enamel, while the professional applicator makes the application easy and accurate.

Characterized by the squared pack with a pattern that recalls the tight-fitting denim fabric on the cap, Denim Devine glazes are available in five shades :

  • C01 Dark Denim Blue , dark blue jeans;
  • C02 Fabricot , peach rose;
  • C03 Women’s Cut , fire red;

Catrice Denim Devine, make up Summer 2016

  • C04 Comfort Fit , nude ivory;
  • C05 Gold Miners , milky taupe.

Catrice Denim Devine, make up Summer 2016


All the products in the makeup collection Catrice Denim Devine will be available in the months of July and August 2016 in the brand exhibitors located in the Ovs, Coin and Shoes & Shoes stores.

What do you think of this limited edition make up line? Do you also love jeans in all its forms? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

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Catrice Denim Devine, make up Summer 2016

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