Calzedonia summer costumes 2017: Collection Catalog

Close your eyes and imagine you are on one beach white, to take the Sun , surrounded by palm trees and cradled by waves of the sea . Perfect, now you are in the right mood to discover the new collection Calzedonia costumes 2017!

Introducing the news of the sea line with photos of the 2017 costume catalog!

Bikini Tamara Calzedonia
Tamara Calzedonia Bikini (price 20.90)
Calzedonia Bikini Melissa
Calzedonia Bikini Melissa (top push up 30 Euro, slip 15 Euro)
Calzedonia one-piece swimsuit Chiara Ferragni
Calzedonia swimsuit Chiara Ferragni – pic @chiaraferragni
Calzedonia costumes
Calzedonia bikini Adriana Lima, headband with bow (30 €) Brazilian slip (20 €)
Calzedonia Costumes 2017
Calzedonia Costumes 2017, black interior costume Ester Intrecci (59 Euro)


In the Calzedonia 2017 costumes collection stand out for their fantasy and colors band models . Preformed and lightly padded, the band costumes are ideal for getting a perfect tan on the beach or in the pool, given the absence of laces or straps.

Calzedonia swimwear models are simple and at the same time delicious, thanks to the play of shapes and patterns. Bra with sweetheart neckline for the swimsuit with ethnic print combined with low-waisted briefs. Brazilian sgambata without seams instead for the turquoise bikini with plain-colored bandeau bra.

These photos were released in Russia because the face of the advertising campaign is Elena Temnikova , a beautiful Russian singer.

Calzedonia 2017 Bikini
Calzedonia Bikini, bandeau costume
Calzedonia Bandeau costume
Calzedonia bandeau costume
Calzedonia costume with flowers
Floral patterned balcony (€ 40) and Nina briefs (€ 20)


One of the main qualities that have made the Italian brand famous Villafranca di Verona it’s definitely the variety of range . Between new arrivals of the Calzedonia costume catalog we find indeed monochrome bikini , from the classic black to the brightest and most pops, but also fantasies striped, prints ethnic is floral .

It is possible to combine the bra with the pant you prefer: a high waist, brazilian, culotte or simple briefs. Bras vary from models upholstered , to those straight only with underwire , and even the classic bra is declined in many forms, from shell cup to the model with a knot in the center of the décolleté.

Calzedonia Bikini 2017
Striped White Push Up Bra with bow (40 €) and White High Waisted Brief (20 Euro)
Calzedonia Black Bikini
Push Up Bandeau Indonesia (price 30 Euro) and Indonesia low-waist briefs (15 €)
Calzedonia sky blue swimsuit
Padded bra (40 €) and light blue high waist briefs with curls (20 €)
Anita push up costume (40,00 Euro)
Calzedonia black costume
Patrizia Black Push Up Bra (cost 30 Euro) and black shorts (15 €)
Calzedonia swimwear 2017
Balconette bra C cup black (30 €) and Brazilian without laces
Calzedonia Floral bikini
Balconies Margherita Jungle bikini (40 €) and high slip Margherita Jungle (20 €)
calzedonia costume with flowers
Laura Ibisco Orchidee band (30 €) and slip laces (15 €)
Calzedonia two piece costume
Asia Cachemire balconette bikini (40 €) and high pant (20 €)
Calzedonia pineapple costume
Aida Pineapple triangle bikini (40 €) and laces (15 €)
Calzedonia Bikini push up
Push-up bikini Margherita jungle (40 €) and briefs (15 €)
Calzedonia Green Bikini
Manuela jungle green push-up bikini (40 €) and high slip (20 €)
Costumes with sequins
Push-up bikini Nicole fancy leaves (40 €) and briefs (20 €)
Black costumes
Push up bikini Barbara strings (30 €) and string briefs (20 €)
Calzedonia blue costume
Push up band Indoniesia blueberry (30 €) and slip band (15 €)
Calzedonia costume with a high waist
Indonesia blueberry push up costume (30 €)
Calzedonia costume brassiere
Gloria top bikini with geometric pattern (40 €) and briefs (20 €)
Calzedonia leopard costume
Maia spotted top bikini (30 €) and Brazilian briefs (15 €)
Costume with culottes
Push up Indonesia (30 €) and shorts (15 €)
Llenia denim lamè top bikini (cost 30 Euro) and Brazilian slip LLenia (cost 15 Euro)

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