Calzedonia Costumes 2018: Full catalog with Photos and Prices

The Calzedonia summer 2018 costumes collection will be redolent marinaretto style of the 1950s France with innovative models like them shoulder or interweaving, but also proposing the most appreciated choices of the last seasons, in a variety of forms suitable for every body !

We show you in preview the whole Calzedonia 2018 costume catalog with photos and prices of all the models!

Calzedonia costumes 2018
Pamela one-shoulder padded costume (price 40.00 Euro), Alison triangle floral costume (40.00 Euro)
Calzedonia costumes 2018
Calzedonia 2018 costumes, Marissa padded triangle (price € 30) and Brazilian Marissa briefs (price € 20)
Calzedonia costumes 2018
Black push up costume with Indonesia ruffles (30,00 Euro), White bandeau costume with Pamela flowers (40,00 Euro)
Calzedonia Costumes 2018
Padded triangle bikini with ruffle lines Kate (cost € 30) and Brazilian briefs Kate (€ 20)
Calzedonia costumes 2018
Calzedonia bikini with bow Natalie (cost 30 €) and Natalie lace slip (price 20 €)
Calzedonia bikini summer 2018
Calzedonia triangle dresses, padded padded bra Ester (30 €)


Dream the waves of the sea breaking on the sands of beaches Caribbean, true paradises for summer holidays or winter?

Calzedonia women’s costumes give the wearer the emotion of the tropics thanks to the band costumes with bracelet or mini-sleeves shoulder . The applications floral, laces and laces rouches they donate Hawaiian volumes. The fantasies vary from exotic palm trees with colored flowers, passing by stripes, polka dots and animal .

Calzedonia swimwear 2018
Calzedonia one-shoulder swimsuit with Erika ruffles (price 30,00 Euro)
Calzedonia 2018 bikini
Karen spotted balckette bikini (40 €) and Karen high spotted briefs (20 €)
Calzedonia costume 2018
Jungle Nina tank top bikini (cost € 30) and Jungle Nina lace-up briefs (€ 20)
Calzedonia striped costume
Calzedonia 2018 swimsuit, Kate striped triangle bikini (20 €) and Kate striped sweatshirt panty (15 €)
floral bikini Calzedonia 2018
Padded triangle bikini with Marissa ruffles (30 €) and floral Marissa briefs (15 euro)
Calzedonia bikini with sequins
Emma sequined triangle bikini with padding (30 €) and regular brief Emma (20 €)


Calzedonia swimwear 2018 from linear cut and structured are inspired by the navy style French 50s, giving us also models a high waist from ornamental lacing a corset .

The best seller models of the last seasons are also presented, such as i triangle costumes from the slightly padded bra. However, they are not lacking new forms and trendy like the canottierina tied in front of the breast or the Bralette little stuffed.

Floral prints revisited in a mix of tradition and orientalism stand out with colors bright in contrast with black backgrounds.

Calzedonia swimwear 2018
Calzedonia 2018 swimwear, triangle bikini Rose (20 €) and high rose briefs (20 €)
Calzedonia swimwear 2018
Padded triangle bikini with Ester relief lines (cost € 30) and embossed lace-up briefs Ester (€ 20)
Calzedonia floral bikini 2018
Calzedonia floral triangle costume Emily (30 €) and floral high slip Emily (20 €)
Calzedonia 2018 flowery bikini
Deborah patterned padded triangle bikini (40 €) and Deborah adjustable padded skirt (15 €)
Calzedonia swimwear 2018
Calzedonia 2018 swimwear, padded triangle bikini Jungle Nina (price 30 €)
Calzedonia black bikini 2018
Barbara triangle bikini (30 €) and brazilian briefs Barbara strings (15 €)
black bikini Calzedonia 2018
Calzedonia two-piece swimsuit, Alison embroidery padded triangle (40 €) and Alicon embroideries high slip (cost 20 €)
Calzedonia padded costumes 2018
Deborah flowery padded triangle bikini (30 €) and Deborah flowery patterned briefs (15 €)
Calzedonia costumes 2018
Padded triangle bikini crossing Rose (price € 40) and Brazilian slip Rose (€ 15)
Calzedonia 2018 black bikini
Isabel padded triangle bikini (30 €) and Isabel ruffle panty (15 €)
Calzedonia 2018 costumes
Denise cashmere-padded triangle bikini (20 €) and Denise cashmere ruffle bikini (15 €)
Calzedonia high waisted swimwear
Rory push up bikini (30 €) and Rory high slip (20 €)
Calzedonia 2018 two-piece swimwear
Swimsuit 2018 Calzedonia, bikini push up cashmere ruffle Denise (40 €)
Calzedonia 2018 black costumes
Striped push-up bikini Ester (price € 40) and high-rise briefs Ester (20 €)
Calzedonia costumes 2018
Natalie bow-shaped push-up bikini (30 €) and Natalie high-waisted briefs (20 €)
Calzedonia bikini 2018
Alison embroidery push-up bikini (40 €) and Alison lace-up briefs (cost € 20)
Calzedonia 2018 bikini
Emily floral bandeau bikini (40 €) and floral slip Emily (20 €)
Calzedonia high-waisted costumes
Push-up bikini with Indonesia tapes (price 30 euros)


Calzedonia 2018 bikinis repeat the marinara style from the nuances of the sea in shades of white, blue and red !

Both traditional striped fantasy that prints a bandana they make the costumes from the most different shapes chic. Many valance on bras and briefs, lacing a crossroad multiple and slip knotted at the sides that make the Calzedonia costume unique. As you can see from the images of the lookbook there are also different models of high-waisted costumes.

Calzedonia polka dots costumes
Christina push up push-up bikini (40 €) and Christina lace-up briefs (15 €)
Calzedonia black swimwear 2018
Push up bikini Barbara strings (30 €) and Barbara briefs strings (20 €)
Calzedonia 2018 black swimwear
Calzedonia swimsuit catalog 2018, push up crossing Indonesia (30 €)
Calzedonia 2018 high waisted polka dot costume
High-waisted costume, Christina polka dot-print top (price € 30) and Christina polka-dot high-slip briefs (€ 20)
Calzedonia floral costumes
Emily floral bandeau bikini (40 €) and floral slip Emily (20 €)
Calzedonia costumes 2018
Calzedonia costumes 2018 catalog, drawstring balcony Indonesia (30 €) and Indonesia briefs (15 €)
Calzedonia costumes with flowers
Marissa crossover push up bikini (40 €) and Marissa floral slip (15 €)
Calzedonia push up costumes 2018
Push up bikini with slings Indonesia (30 €)
summer costumes 2018 Calzedonia
Victoria tank top bikini (30 €) and Vittoria ribbed laces (15 €); bikini top tank top velvet Monica (20 €) and velvet slip tops Monica (15 €)
Calzedonia 2018 push up costumes
Push up Indonesia (30 €) and shorts Indonesia (15 €)
Calzedonia two-piece costumes 2018
Indonesia graduated push up bikini (cost € 30)
Calzedonia push up costumes
Super push up ruffle bikini Indonesia (30 €)


Calzedonia sea fashion transforms the two-piece costume playing on patterns and solid colors, laces and ruffles. Calzedonia bandeau costumes include several lines of bras with wave neckline, straight or a heart or padded cups , balconies push up or simply preformed.

The originality of the Calzedonia 2018 swimwear collection lies in the details on briefs and bikini tops. Ruffled edges to give movement, slip with pleated side edges to follow the hips, valance decorated with necklines and borders. It’s still, floral applications , hoses fastened on the arm and long inserts to overlay on the back for a game of crossings.

Calzedonia bandeau bikini
Monica velvet bandeau bikini (30 €) and Monica velvet laces (15 €); bikini band filled parrots Carol (40 €) and Brazilian briefs parrots Carol (15 €)
Calzedonia headband costumes 2018
Calzedonia swimsuit band Indonesia (20 €) and Brazilian curls Indonesia (15 €)
Calzedonia 2018 bandeau costumes
Padded bandeau bikini with Indonesia crossing (price 30 €)
Calzedonia bikini band 2018
Calzedonia bandeau costume with underwire, Indonesia model (30 €)
Calzedonia 2018 bandeau bikini
Emma padded bandeau bikini (40 €) and Emma sequin brazilian briefs (15 €)
Calzedonia bikini with a fancy band
Rory padded bandeau bikini (cost € 30)
Calzedonia bandeau bikini with ruffle
Isabel ruffled bandeau bikini (40 €) and Isabel high ruched briefs (20 €)
striped bikini band Calzedonia
Push-up bikini with Miranda trimmings (40 €) and Miranda briefs (15 €); bikini padded trimmings Rita (40 €) and braid briefs Rita (20 €)
Calzedonia bandeau padded bikini
Jungle Nina padded bandeau bikini (40 €) and Jungle Nina drawstring briefs (20 €)
Calzedonia 2018 swimwear
Bikini band padded flakes Natalie (price 40 €) and Brazilian briefs Natalie (15 €)
Calzedonia swimwear band 2018
Rose padded bandeau bikini (30 €) and Rose lace-up briefs (15 €)
Calzedonia white bikini
Padded band bikini applications Pamela flowers (40 €) and brazilian briefs with Pamela flowers applications (20 €)
Calzedonia costumes 2018
Band bikini Indonesia arriccio (20 €) and Brazilian Indonesia (15 €)
fscia fantasy Calzedonia
Bikini band embossed floral tulle Jolie (30 €) and floral brazilian briefs (15 €); bandeau parka Amy parrots (30 €) and Amy parrot briefs (15 €)
Calzedonia 2018 costumes
Striped ruffled bandeau bikini Kate (30 €) and brazilian ruffle striped kate (15 €)
Calzedonia bandeau bikini
Padded bandeau bikini Charlotte (30 €) and normal Charlotte slip (cost 15 €)
Calzedonia white bikini
Padded bandeau bikini with Ester embossed lines (40 €) and laced briefs with embossed lines Ester (20 €)
Calzedonia floral bikini
Deborah flowery padded bandeau bikini (40 €) and Deborah floral patterned lace-up briefs (20 €)

Calzedonia high-waisted bikini


One of the trends that stand out among the new Calzedonia costumes are i single shoulder models . These are swimwear with a band single asymmetric shoulder strap that the Italian brand decides to beautify with applied flowers ton sur ton – then also on the sides of the briefs – or with maxi volant that fall soft on the shoulder and breast.

This model is declined in both bikini and whole version. The neckline is straight or slightly at heart and the bra it can be smooth or padded .

Calzedonia 2018 one-shoulder swimsuits
Pamela one-shoulder padded bikini band (40 €) and Brazilian slip with Pamela flower application (20 €)
Calzedonia one-shoulder dresses 2018
Kate striped single-shoulder top bikini (price 30 €) and Brazilian ruffle striped kate (15 €)
Calzedonia 2018 one-shoulder bikini
Erika single shoulder top bikini (30 €) and Brazilian Erika ruffle (15 €)
Calzedonia 2018 one-shoulder swimsuits
One-piece swimsuit with ruffle Zoe (price € 49)
Calzedonia one-piece full-length swimwear 2018
One-piece swimsuit with Pamela flowers applications (79 €)


The whole Calzedonia swimsuit is declined in all the variations of the season present in the bikinis as the version shoulder or with a heart drain without straps . Also present in the collection tankini .

They are not missing valance by the playful effects e asymmetric , floral applications, bustier closures and youth openings.

The color palette varies from neutral black and white to military green, to the maritime and bandana style fantasies.

tankini Calzedonia 2018
Padded tankini Indonesia (59 €)
Calzedonia 2018 whole costumes
Polka dot swimsuit Olivia (69 €)
Calzedonia swimsuits 2018
Swimsuits Calzedonia 2018, model interweaving Milla (79 €)
Calzedonia swimsuits
Piquet swimsuit with contrast details Margaret (79 €); Mandy full-bodied costume (79 €)
Calzedonia swimwear 2018
Swimsuit Crossover motif (69 €)
Calzedonia 2018 swimwear
Calzedonia swimsuits, floral model Emily (79 €)
Calzedonia 2018 black full bodysuits
Aida one piece swimsuit (79 €)
Calzedonia whole costumes
Ellen tropical leafge one-piece swimsuit (59 €); full-length swimsuit Deva shoulder straps (49 €)
Calzedonia 2018 whole costume
Stella ruffle swimsuit (cost € 49)
Calzedonia black swimsuit
Indonesia one piece swimsuit (59 €)
Calzedonia whole blacks costumes
Brazilian full-length swimsuit Indonesia (49 €)
Calzedonia swimsuits 2018
Swimsuit with Ester laces (price € 69)
costumes 2018 Calzedonia
Frida crossover swimsuit (59 €); Monica velvet swimsuit (39 €)
Calzedonia full striped costumes
Kate ruffle-length one-piece swimsuit (59 €)
Calzedonia fancy whole costumes
Rory one-piece swimsuit (49 €)
Calzedonia swimsuits 2018
Natalie side flakes one-piece swimsuit (69 €)
Calzedonia whole costumes with flowers
Pamela flowers swimsuit (79 €)
Calzedonia full bandeau costumes
Rose bow swimsuit (69 €)
Calzedonia swimsuits 2018
Cotstume bikini effect Grace (€ 69); one-piece swimsuit cut out Victoria (69 €)


Among the big news of this year there are the Calzedonia chenille costumes . A fabric that does not dry very easily .. but is trendy and original. It is breathable and resistant to sun, salt water and chlorine. You can choose between the entire costumes in chenille, the bandeau ones or classic bikinis, model Velvet Monica . Colors: Tiffany green, black, fuchsia and olive green.

Costumes 2018

Calzedonia chenille costumes
Padded triangle chenille bikini and chenille tank top bikini (price 20 Euro + 15 Euro slip)
Chenille one-piece swimsuit
Chenille one-piece swimsuit, Monica velvet in black and teal (cost 39 Euro)
Chenille costume
Chenille swimsuit model padded band, green color (top 30 Euro, slip 15 Euro)
Black chenille costume
Padded chenille swimsuit, Velvet Monica model (30 Euro + 15 Euro slip)


For the summer 2018 Calzedonia has created a special edition that includes a line of bikinis and sensual and precious pieces. Materials such as the tulle , the lace , glittery shiny fabrics borrowed from female lingerie.

To enhance the whole polka dot , rhinestone decorative e sequins silver. Contrast black & white for the bikini with maxi ruffles, high-waisted briefs combined with padded straps with crossings on the back and a single-sided effect.

Calzedonia special edition costumes
Britney Special Edition balconette bikini (50 €) and Britney Special Edition briefs (30 €)
Calzedonia special edition costumes 2018
Audrey Special Edition top bikini (50 €) and Audrey Special Edition Brazilian slip (30 €)
Calzedonia costumes special edition summer 2018
Julia Special Edition push-up bikini (50 €) and Special Edition Julia band slip (30 €)
Calzedonia summer special edition costumes 2018
Julia Special Edition One Shoulder Bikini (50 €) and Brazilian Special Edition Julia Ruffle Briefs (30 €)
Calzedonia 2018 special edition costumes
Special Edition Marilyn band bikini (50 €) and Marilyn Special Edition high band (30 €)
full costumes special edition Calzedonia summer 2018
Britney Special Edition one-piece swimsuit (89 €)
costumes special edition Calzedonia 2018
Julia Special Edition one-piece swimsuit (89 €)
whole costumes special edition Calzedonia
Marilyn Special Edition One Piece Swimsuit (89 €)


The swimwear line is always combined with the beachwear , so we find long dresses off shoulder with floral print, dressed sunbathing with flowers applied on the shoulder straps and minidress with maxi volat .

In addition also short dresses with pom pom , kaftans with sequins or crochet details, beach shorts and light palazzo trousers ..

Calzedonia beachwear summer 2018
Striped jersey dress (cost € 25.90)
Calzedonia beachwear summer 2018
Pom Pom dress (€ 29.90)
Calzedonia dresses summer 2018
Dress with ruffle (price € 29.90)
Calzedonia summer dresses 2018
Dress with flower applications (€ 29.90)
kaftani Calzedonia summer 2018
Kaftan with crochet detail (cost € 29.90)
Calzedonia kaftani summer 2018
Kaftan with sequins (€ 39.90)
Calzedonia long dresses summer 2018
Smock long dress (price € 39.90)
Calzedonia summer long dresses 2018
Long dress in fantasy (€ 45.90)
Calzedonia summer 2018 suits
Indian canvas suit with embroidery (€ 49.90)
Calzedonia shorts summer 2018
Pom poms shorts (€ 19.90)
Calzedonia summer 2018 trousers
Long trousers with flounces (cost € 39.90)


Calzedonia is an Italian company of underwear, stockings, knitwear and costumes. The hosiery brand is an integral part of the homonymous company Gruppo Calzedonia Spa (joint-stock company), which also includes Intimissimi, Tezenis, Falconeri, Atelier Emé and Signorvino. The company was founded in 1986 in Vallese di Oppeano, today it is headquartered in Dossobuono of Villafranca di Verona , in the Vallese headquarters, located along the SS 434 Transpolesana. Sandro Veronesi is the largest shareholder in the company and also president. As testimonial of Calzedonia commercials we remember known faces of actresses and top models, among which Melissa Satta, Gisele Bündchen, Clara Alonso, Sara Sampaio, Jessica Hart, Emily DiDonato, Adriana Lima and also the model Noah Mills or Ruben Cortada . The locations of photo shoots make you dream thanks to the views of the beaches in Brazil, Madagascar, Miami.


The new Calzedonia beachwear collection will be on sale in the online store and shop of the official website .

in stores you will find all the models of the women summer line, such as the triangle dresses, the trikini, the sport models, the beach cover and the beachwear. Obviously there is also the line of men’s costumes. In some periods of the year on the official website there are the super discounts and offers related to the Calzedonia swimwear sales! You can save a lot by paying the half price costume!

What do you think of the new Calzedonia 2018 costumes collection? Does the marine style fascinate you? Commented!


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