Calzedonia Christmas gift ideas 2016: for women and men

A nice, warm and also useful Christmas present? Bets on socks, for him and for she ! We find out socks, socks, tights is leggings Calzedonia for Christmas 2016!


In Calzedonia stores we find legwear and beachwear, so stockings, tights and costumes for women, men and children. In Christmas time however, the classic line is flanked by the collection for the holidays . So the socks take on the appearance of Christmas trees, they appear reindeer and glittery decorations on slippers and tights, leggings are decorated with bright rhinestones.

The Verona brand offers us one of these wide range of gift ideas , from the warmer and pucciose ones to the sexy and elegant ones for the New Year.

Calzedonia Christmas stockings
Calzedonia Christmas anti-slip socks (price € 12.95)
Calzedonia Christmas
Calzedonia Christmas gift ideas
Calzedonia Christmas women's socks
Christmas socks with ruffles (5.95 euro)


Among the gift ideas Calzedonia provides socks at the ankle with typical Christmas decorations , but also lamé socks is glitter . Beautiful models with ankle boot with non-slip, to wear at home and well padded.

I do not miss them ghosts , also in classic or laminated version, for one glitter look ideal for December 31st! Stars, Christmas trees, snowflakes and reindeer: there are all the elements for the perfect Christmas socks!

Calzedonia Christmas 2016 Calzedonia
Women’s Christmas Socks (cost 12.95 euros)
Calzedonia Christmas stockings
Ankle-colored socks (price € 12.95)
Calzedonia women's socks Christmas 2016
Ankle socks with pom pom and star (cost € 12.95)
Calzedonia Christmas Slippers
Calzedonia Slippers (14.95 euros)
Calzedonia socks
Lamè socks (cost 3.95 euros)
Calzedonia wool socks Calzedonia Natale 2016
Calzedonia high wool socks (5,95 €)
Calzedonia Leg warmers
Black leg warmers (9.95 euros)
Calzedonia fantasies
Fantasmini lamè (3,50 €)


The tights are essential in winter and the Calzedonia style focuses a lot on the functionality and the fashion . The Christmas proposal of the brand concerns colored tights with small decorations, ranging from glitter to polka dot , from embroidery to rhinestone , to wear for both Christmas dinner and New Year’s Eve.

The most chic models recall the trend vintage 50s , with the line sewn on the back of the tights. Also leggings they become more precious and sought after with the applications of stones and of rhinestone that give light and color and purely winter fabrics, such as velvet.

Pantyhose with Calzedonia polka dots
Red tights with black polka dots (cost € 12.95)
Calzedonia Black tights
Tights with seam at the back (price € 9.95)
Calzedonia socks with glitter
Tights with glitter line on the back (14.95)
Calzedonia pantyhose with stars
Tights with glitter stars (cost € 12.95)
Pantyhose with Calzedonia stars
Black tights with stars (14.95 euros)
Pantyhose with Calzedonia rhinestones
Black tights with rhinestones (€ 14.95)
Calzedonia embroidered tights Christmas 2016
Tights with floral embroidery (9.95 euro)
Calzedonia rhinestone socks
Tights with rhinestone stitches on the back (€ 15.95)
Calzedonia leggings Christmas 2016
Leggings with applications (price € 39.95)
Calzedonia leggings with sequins
Leggings with side sequins (€ 29.95)
Calzedonia leggings with glitter
Velvet leggings with glitter (€ 29.95)


The socks for men’s Christmas they are a perfect gift idea for your He too! All the models have a typical theme related to December 25th, from reindeer to snowflakes up to Santa Claus dj! A fun and useful gift for your partner, father or brother!

Calzedonia man socks Santa Claus
Men’s socks with Santa Claus (4,50 €)
Calzedonia man Christmas socks
Man socks with reindeer (price € 12.95)
Calzedonia men's socks
Christmas print men’s socks (9.95 euro)
Calzedonia Men's Socks Santa Claus
Socks Christmas man with Santa Claus (price 9.95 euro)
Calzedonia men's socks red
Christmas socks for him (12.95 euros)


Calzedonia also dedicates some models to the film franchise of Star Wars , on the occasion of the release of the film set in the universe of Star Wars ‘Rogue One’. Socks in gray or black with a print that recalls the themes of the film, from the characters themselves of the poster to Darth Vader and Maestro Yoda stylized. Models unisex , perfect for him and her.

Star Wars Calzedonia Christmas
Line Star Calzedonia Calzedonia Christmas
Calzedonia Star Wars Socks
Star Wars Socks (price 4.50 €)
Calzedonia Star Wars Socks
Unisex short socks printed with Star Wars (4.50 euros)
Star Wars Calzedonia Socks
Socks with Darth Vader print (4.50 euros)
Calzedonia Star Wars Socks
Black socks with Lord Fener logo (cost € 4.50)
Socks with Master Yoda
Socks with Maestro Yoda (price € 4.50)
Calzedonia Socks Star Wars
Unisex short socks Star Wars (cost 4.50 euros)


The 2016 Calzedonia Christmas line is available on the brand’s website at and in all the brand stores. In addition to the socks for the New Year and Christmas is also on sale winter 2017 collection . We remind you that the Calzedonia Group today boasts almost 3,000 stores worldwide and 6 proprietary brands: Tezenis, Intimissimi, Calzedonia, Falconieri, Signorvino and Atelier Emé.

Socks, socks and socks are a gift idea for men and women always appreciated, functional and very warm, if it is then signed Calzedonia becomes a must have! Which model do you like best? And which one would you give immediately? Say it in the comments!

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