Calzedonia Christmas 2017: gift ideas, photos and prices

Let yourself be inspired by the Calzedonia Christmas 2017 proposals among glam elegance and fun models for parties, Calzedonia gift ideas follow all the latest trends fashion!

Let’s discover the sensual, refined and varied together Christmas catalog Calzedonia!

Calzedonia Christmas 2017
Calzedonia Christmas 2017


The Calzedonia Christmas catalog includes the Special Edition, a new line ultra chic voted for elegance. Lines glitter and inserts in lace alternate with applications pon pon e spiritual reasons inspired by the world Disney .

The Parisian , real or incorporated into the tights, confer a sexy look thanks to the romantic and refined embroidery in lace , ai satin bows and lines that simulate garter belts. Do not miss the playful and fun aspect with a kitten on the knee with a lot of tail rear!

stockings Calzedonia Christmas 2017
Calzedonia stockings with lace trim with tulle insert (price 12.95 euro)
Calzedonia Tights Christmas 2017
Calzedonia tights with glitter velvet insert (14.95 Euro)
Calzedonia Tights Christmas 2017
Chevron glitter socks (cost 2,95 Euro)
Calzedonia Christmas 2017 Tights
Calzedonia longuette ramage tights (9,95 euro)
Calzedonia Pantyhose with roses Christmas 2017
Model with lace insert and bows (9.95 Euro)
Calzedonia Cat tights Christmas 2017
Longuette tights with cat (9.95 Euro)
Pantyhose with Calzedonia bow
Longuette suspenders bow model (price 9.95 Euro)
Calzedonia pom panties
Pom poms socks (€ 9.95)
Calzedonia Tights Christmas 2017
Longuette model with glitter border (9.95 Euro)
Pantyhose disney Calzedonia Christmas 2017
Disney sheer tights (9.95 Euro)


The Party Collection keeps the spotlight on the legs with fishnet stockings decorated with pearls , flakes and back line.

The perfect look for parties is guaranteed with the glitter weaves and the applications of rhinestone to simulate in a starry sky or to decorate the whole row tights in tulle .

There are also models covering in red fire version, as the New Year tradition wants, but also in dark style covered with luminous and iridescent multicolor glitter .

Calzedonia Christmas net tights 2017
Calzedonia macro fishnet tights (9.95 Euro)
Pantyhose tights Calzedonia Christmas 2017
Model with bows (price 14.95 Euro)
Calzedonia Tights stars Christmas 2017
Tights in tulle with flock stars (14.95 Euro)
Calzedonia Red tights Christmas 2017
Red tights with bow (cost 9.95 euros)
Calzedonia strass tights Christmas 2017
Model with row and rhinestones (14.95 euros)
Calzedonia Longuette tights Christmas 2017
Longuette socks with glitter weaving (12.95 Euro)
Calzedonia Tights with bows Christmas 2017
Net socks with back row and bows (14.95 €)
Calzedonia Pantyhose with lace Christmas 2017
Longuette lace tulle tights (25.95 Euro)
Calzedonia Tights with pearls Christmas 2017
Fishnet tights with pearls (25.95 Euro)
Calzedonia Christmas net tights 2017
Opaque longuette net socks (price 12.95 Euro)
Glitter tights Calzedonia Christmas 2017
Multicolor glitter tights (12.95 Euro)


Under the tree among the gifts for you (but also as autoregalo!) Can not miss i decorated socks according to the latest season trends!

In the party colors the socks are embellished with flakes and glitter but also from written and hearts up to the collection with the characters of the Disney fairy tales !

Calzedonia Christmas 2017
Fancy socks and applications (cost € 5.95)
Calzedonia Christmas socks 2017
Short socks with bow (5,95 Euro)
Calzedonia Christmas socks 2017
Calzedonia black socks (5,95 Euro)
Calzedonia socks Christmas 2017
Gray short socks (5.95 Euro)
Calzedonia socks Disney Christmas 2017
Disney Calzedonia socks (price 5.95 Euro)
Calzedonia bow socks Christmas 2017
Short socks with bows (3.95 Euro)
Calzedonia Christmas socks 2017
Short socks with hearts (price 3.95 Euro)
Calzedonia Christmas socks 2017
Short socks in trendy fantasy (3.95 Euro)


If you do not know how to do with some Christmas gifts, rely on the Holiday Gift Guide Calzedonia that will propose to you according to your needs glamor models or witty like Calzedonia socks!

Applications jewel butterfly shaped, Cheerleaders and funny cherries alternate with fashion models and precious with tulle decorated a polka dot , lace and pearls .

Calzedonia Christmas socks 2017
Calzedonia short socks special edition (8.95 Euro)
Calzedonia Christmas socks 2017
Cherry pom panties (price 5,95 Euro)
Calzedonia short socks Christmas 2017
Short socks with pon pon (5,95 Euro)
Calzedonia Christmas 2017 short socks
Socks with bow (price € 5.95)
Calzedonia Christmas 2017 short socks
Calzedonia socks with stars (5,95 Euro)
Calzedonia elegant socks Christmas 2017
Precious socks (8.95 Euro)
Calzedonia Christmas 2017 elegant socks
Socks in tulle and polka dots (8.95 Euro)
Calzedonia Christmas 2017 elegant socks
Precious socks (8.95 Euro)


The outfit for Christmas Calzedonia knows how to be elegant – with sprinkled glitter, tulle and stars – but also ultra sports with decorative zip e biker models .

Calzedonia leggings are also available in thermal version be in skin that in cotton. Do not miss jeggins in denim, jeans push up and traditional models in pied de Poule .

Calzedonia Christmas jeggings 2017
Calzedonia denim jeans glitter (35.95 Euro)
Calzedonia jeggings Christmas 2017
Calzedonia push up jeans (29.95 Euro)
Calzedonia Christmas leather leggings 2017
Calzedonia thermal leather biker leggings (35,95 Euro)
Calzedonia Christmas 2017 leggings
Leggings in tulle with stars (price 19.95 Euro)
Calzedonia shaping leggings Christmas 2017
Biker thermal shaping leggings (cost 29.95 Euro)
Calzedonia Christmas 2017 opaque leggings
Ultra-thermal cotton thermal leggings (€ 19.95)
Calzedonia Christmas leather leggings 2017
Thermal leather leggings (29.95 Euro)
houndstooth leggings Calzedonia Christmas 2017
Houndstooth leggings (25.95 Euro)


The Calzedonia Christmas collection can be purchased in all single-brand stores or in the online store . The latter offers a real Gift Guide, one shopping guide thanks to which you can choose whether to buy for budget, style or person thus simplifying the search. From Calzedonia you can also find gifts for him, for children and gift ideas for the whole family.

If the indecision on gifts reigns supreme with the Calzedonia Gift Card it goes on the safe side thanks to the wide choice of amounts and to the possibility of personalization between different styles. Calzedonia is also present in different outlets to save money without sacrificing style.

What do you think of the Calzedonia Christmas collection? Do you like funny socks? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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