Burberry bags fall winter 2017: entire collection

The iconic British fashion brand Burberry presented its own new collection of bags for autumn winter 2017. Between luxury leathers and iconic models reinterpreted that recall the tradition, the Burberry woman is elegant is sought .

The London brand leaves room for imagination with its Helmet bags, cheeky and daring fit for real fashion victim . So make room in your closet, in the corner dedicated to bags, because soon there will be a new entry, obviously signed Burberry!

Burberry honey colored leather bag (price € 1.995)
Black Burberry leather bag
Burberry black leather bag (price € 1.995)
Bag with handle made of alligator and Trench leather
Bag with handle made of alligator and Trench leather
Burberry Bowling bag closure
Burberry Bowling bag closure
Blue bowling bag interior
Inside blue bowling bag (price € 2.995)
Retro Burberry bag in trench and alligator leather
Retro Burberry bag in trench and alligator leather (€ 15,500)
Burberry green moss bag
Burberry green moss leather bag (€ 2.995)


Burberry proposes the iconic cylinder bag . In the three medium, small and mini sizes, it is the perfect bag for every occasion look . Entirely in Trench leather , this bag has a clasp inspired by the vintage suitcases and removable shoulder strap.

It adapts to autumn looks like the classic trench coat and the patterned shoe tartan , the workhorse of the London brand. Compact and with nuances ranging from green to brown through beige sa conjugate style is refinement some materials.

Burberry bags fall winter 2017 2108
Bag with handle in trench leather (cost 1.650 Euro)
Burberry Bags
Mini cylinder bag in trench leather (cost 1450 Euro)
Burberry bag
Burberry handbag top model (1,450 €)


In the Burberry collection a real is also proposed cult bag : the bowling bag . With a rigid handle and trench leather combined with the trapezoidal bag through the golden conjunctions, which resume the closing in pendant, d’après to vintage suitcases, it is a true one jewel of leather goods.

With a snap closure it is perfect as a day bag, easy to handle and safe. With a contrasting handle or color-coordinated bag, this bowling bag is perfect for women of all ages and styles, from the most sought after for chic sports .

Burberry bowling bag
Bowling bag in trench leather (2.995 €)
Burberry Winter Bags 2018
Burberry blue and mustard bowling bag (cost 2.995 Euro)
Burberry Bags 2017 2018
Buberry winter 2018 bags, bowling model in leather color (price 2.995 Euro)


These Burberry bags aesthetically recall the ’50s models minimal and stylish . The rigid handle is made of Trench leather, an exclusive leather from the London brand that pays tribute to gabardine. Its shape is classic and timeless , a vintage revisited that becomes modern and almost avant-garde.

The colors that are chromatically similar or in sharp contrast make each bag only and unrepeatable. The golden clasp is inspired by the retro suitcases and together with the shoulder strap make the bags as well as refined also very practical. Some models are made more audacious from the hide in alligator wild. The refinement of the finishes and the hand-painted edges are the trademark of Burberry, which has always been able to combine quality and style.

Burberry DK88 Bags
Bag with medium DK88 handle (1.995 Euro)
Burberry handbag
Burberry handbag with contrasting handle (1.995 Euro)
Burberry Bags DK88 2018
Burberry bags honey colored Dk88 (1.995 Euro)
Burberry crocodile bag
Alligator leather bag (15,500 euros)
Buberry bags fall 2017
Buberry bags fall 2017, yellow and green DK88 (1.995 euros)
Burberry alligator bag
Handbag in crocodile (15,500 Euro)
Burberry 2018 bag
Dark chocolate Burberry bag (1.995 Euro)
Burberry winter hand bags 2018
Green moss hand bag (1.995 Euro)
Black Burberry bag
Burberry black bag (price 1.995 Euro)
Retro black Burberry bag
Black Burberry retro bag (price 1.995 Euro)


The concept of the previous bag is taken over by Burberry and adapted to the modern woman. The dimensions increase and make this tote perfect to hold not only the smartphone. Made of leather trench with handmade finishes and comfortable closure, this bag also has the ability to use a shoulder strap It is perfect for female students and career women who in addition to computers and diary want to bring with them the style .

Although the bag reflects the elegance typically British , the English brand relies on the Bel Paese for the realization of its bags, which therefore can boast the Made in brand italy .

Burberry handbag maxi
Vertical bag in pale Clementina leather trench coat (2.495 €)
Burberry green bag
Moss green maxi bag (2.495 Euro)
Burberry suitcase bag in alligator leather
Burberry suitcase bag in alligator leather (cost € 15,500)
Suitcase bag in alligator leather
Blue suitcase bag in alligator leather (cost € 15,500)
Inner bag suitcase in leather
Inner bag suitcase in leather


A bag dedicated to the real fashion victim , with a circular shape and with a Pallas Helmet motif, based on the 1954 drawing of Henry Moore “Pallas Heads”, is unique in its kind. The designer wanted to play with the three-dimensionality through the lively skin motif, made even more graphic by inserting the texture into snake .

The stock exchange also has an influence rock given by the small studs that embellish the zipper. A bag eccentric that will not make you go unnoticed. Even with the simplest look this helmet bag will make you suitable for the most exclusive parties of the Fashion Week .

Snakeskin bag with Pallas Helmet motif
Bag in snakeskin with Pallas Helmet motif (cost 1,895 Euro)
Burberry Snakeskin bag
Pallas Heads shoulder bag in snakeskin and pony leather (cost 1,895 Euro)


The Burberry bags are already on sale on the online shop www.burberry.com and at the boutique of the brand.

Which model do you prefer among those in the new collection? You are more classical and stylish or do you dare to dare?

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