Bourbon bags fall winter 2017

Borbonese is a long-lived brand, with a very long history dating back to the early twentieth century, which has managed to stay current thanks to the new creations of high leather goods .

The new Borbonese collection bags fall winter 2017 is one line of accessories comfortable and refined design able to accompany us at any time of day and to match almost everything. Luxury, elegance and refinement combined with the practicality of design and the softness of the fabrics are the common thread.

Let’s discover the new line Bourbon bags fall winter 2017 with photos and model prices.

Bourbon bags autumn winter 2017 2018
Bourbon bags


The bags of the new Borbonese fall 2017 line tend to a oversized design . One of the models that seems to be the flagship of the new catalog is the Moon Bag , a maxi Bourbonese bag a three colours which recalls the shape of the moon. To be worn over the shoulder, it has soft lines and is very spacious. Among the accessories there are no bucket bags , back in fashion for a couple of seasons, or the classic ones shopper .

Borbonese dry bags fall winter 2017 2018
Borbonese medium bucket bag in leather (350 Euro)
Bourbon shoulder bags
Luna medium cashmere print (cost € 215)
Borbonese big bags 2018
Cashmere print hobo (220 Euro)
Borbonese handbags winter 2018
Full moon bag in suede three colors (cost 1.100 Euro)


There is no doubt that for the fall and winter season Borbonese has invested a lot of energy to reinterpret in a variety of leathers and fabrics the classic handbag. It is available in different sizes, from the smallest and compact squared to the softer in the top case version to be worn even on the shoulder using the supplied shoulder strap. Burgundy red is one of the most popular colors, flanked by the turtledove of the handles and hinges.

Borbonese hand bags 2018
Bourbon Bourbon purse in printed leather (450 Euro)
Borbonese hand bags winter 2018
Small handbag in printed leather with gold details (cost 370 Euro)
Borbonese handbag
Bourbon Bauletto Bag (450 Euro)
Borbonese handbags autumn winter 2017 2018
Borbonese Soft leather satchels (price 420 Euro)


In the new winter Borbonese catalog there are also many shoulder bags, capacious, soft and compact-looking. Bags to take to work but also to show off during leisure time, made of leather, suede and also in cashmere print. As for the color palette , also in this case we go on the classics of autumn, neutral shades with a preference for nuances turtledove and the purple .

Bourbon burgundy bags
Vertical shopping in leather (490 Euro)
Borbonese cashmere print bag
Borbonese Large cashmere printed bag (cost 270 Euro)
Borbonese shoulder bags 2018
Red Borbonese Bucket (cost 450 Euro)


The bags Borbonese autumn winter 2017 they are already on sale on the official shop , in the brand stores and at all resellers stores.

What do you think of the new line of Bourbon bags ? Let us know with a comment which are your favorite models.


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