Best correctors and palettes for dark circles, pimples, spots

THE concealers , fundamental to the success of ours face base, they are not all the same. This type of product – useful for covering and minimizing discoloration, dark circles, scars, capillaries in evidence – often assumes specific features that not everyone knows.

In this article I will explain everything that is important to know on the corrector. I also point out those that, in my opinion, are the best correctors because they are distinguished by the excellent result obtained according to their function. This way you can easily orient yourself in choosing the most makeup concealer useful and effective in relation to your skin and its problems.

best correctors


The corrector is a cosmetic that serves to minimize and cover discoloration and problems related to the skin such as spots, scars, capillaries in evidence, signs given by acne, rosacea, couperose but also marked dark circles, hematomas and all that on face and body can be defined as “blemish”.

It differs from the foundation , not so much for the textures that can be creamy, fluid or powdered, as for the greater concentration of pigments and for the color. If for foundation it is necessary to select a shade that is as close as possible to that of our complexion, in the case of the concealer, it is necessary to choose the most suitable color for neutralize the imperfection same.

On the market we have the ability to find multiple corrector types specific and targeted. In fact, it ranges from illuminating correctors to those with Sun protection , from those specific for to realize the contouring , up to those bio, free of parabens and paraffins , to meet the needs of all those who are particularly sensitive to the green world.

Now let’s see an overview of more suitable correctors depending on the type of inestetismo to be reduced and neutralized and distinguished by the good value for money and easy availability.

best correctors

best correctors


The eye bags they can represent a rather marked imperfection that negatively affects the success of our make-up. They tend to hire one violet / bluish coloring and are due to congenital factors or frequently from stress and fatigue.

A beige corrector or in any case the simple foundation is not able to minimize the dark circles as it requires a specific color that goes to cancel the blue and purple: the beige would tend to make them even more evident.

For this reason the most suitable corrector is yellow , useful for neutralizing purple circles, and orange for dark circles that turn blue.

Among all the best concealers specific for dark circles , I suggest you these:

  • Studio Finish Skin Corrector MAC (price € 14.20): available in yellow or orange, ensures total coverage of dark circles, and a long seal. To complete the formulation, the SPF30 protection factor. Studio Finish Skin Corrector MAC
  • Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage (price € 31.50): two mixable correctors between them, long-lasting and with medium / high coverage combined with a matte and natural finish. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
  • Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid Yellow (price 24.00 €): gives the face a healthy and natural look thanks to the light and modular texture that minimizes imperfections, effectively smoothing the complexion.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid


The skin spots or discolorations are often characterized by one excessive sun exposure , from congenital factors or due to pregnancy. They represent a rather marked imperfection and to minimize them we need a corrector that it is covering and that it is closer to what is natural color of the complexion .

Finding this type of concealer is not difficult. Just select the textures that best suits our needs, even if they are preferable fluid products and in cream that maximize the degree of coverage giving the skin a natural look.

Between best stain removers , I point out the following, worthy of note for effectiveness and performance:

  • Pro LongWear Concealer MAC (price € 19.50): fluid texture for a concealer that promises a seal up to 15 hours, a matte and natural finish, one average to total coverage for each type of discoloration and skin stain. Pro LongWear Concealer MAC
  • Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème (price € 26.00): fluid corrector available in a wide range of colors, has an ultra-moisturizing formula and offers full coverage and long-lasting, neutralizing stains and imperfections. Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème


THE pimples or all those signs due to acne are often accompanied by blushes : in this specific case you need a green checker that neutralizes the redness by making the complexion uniform.

If, on the contrary, the pimples do not show any irritation, one can be fine classic concealer that matches our habitual foundation , the important thing is that it is as light and less occlusive as possible but at the same time ensures one total coverage .

Here are what I think are the best correctors for pimples and imperfections due to acne :

  • Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Concealer (price € 22.95): indicated for pimples and acne-like skin because oil free , thanks to the green undertone present in the colors, neutralizes the redness and effectively covers imperfections and discolorations, without weighing it down. Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Concealer
  • Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Anti-imperfections (price € 21.50): designed to erase all types of imperfections, guarantees total coverage thanks to its dense and thick texture to be fixed later with the powder.

Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Anti-imperfections


Correctors when we talk about dry skin and of presence of small wrinkles , they are difficult to choose: a powder would inevitably dry more, while a cream product would tend to settle inside the small cutaneous furrows, giving rise to an unsightly visual effect.

In the market there are correctors specific for dry skin and mature that, thanks to the presence of moisturizing and antioxidant agents , visibly improve the appearance of the skin while acting minimizing any type of imperfection.

In my opinion i best concealers for dry skin and wrinkles considering effectiveness and good quality / price ratio, are the following:

  • Collistar Smoothing and Uniforming Corrector Filler (price € 20.00): a corrector inspired by cosmetic surgery that, thanks to its texture, fills the small wrinkles, uniforming the complexion with small imperfections and discolorations. Collistar Smoothing and Uniforming Corrector Filler
  • Maybelline Age Corrector Corrector (price € 8.99): easy to apply, it is light and modular. Effective on wrinkles and small imperfections, it is light while offering optimal coverage and an antioxidant action thanks to the presence of Goji. Maybelline Corrector Erase Age
  • Marc Jacobs Beauty Remedy Concealer (price € 31.50): a corrector in pen anti-aging and enlightening that effectively fights signs of fatigue, such as bags and dark circles and dehydration, hiding stains and imperfections.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Remedy Concealer


There oily skin it is rather problematic as it requires covering products , but light and non-occlusive, free of oils and non-comedogenic.

It is also important minimize dilated pores and use specific correctors to help regulate it sebaceous production , keeping the skin opaque.

I point out therefore i best correctors for oily skin , the most effective and performing ones, which are distinguished by their ability to effectively minimize them imperfections typical of this type of leather.

  • Normaderm Vichy Stick Anti-imperfections (price € 12.00): a covering and treating corrector able to absorb and minimize imperfections, reducing sebum production. Non-comedogenic. Normaderm Vichy Stick Anti-imperfections
  • Lichtena Norma-act Stick Anti-imperfections (price € 14.50): also indicated for delicate and sensitive skin , it effectively covers acne and imperfections without occluding. Oil Free and non-comedogenic.

Lichtena Norma-act Stick Anti-imperfections


Scars, bruises and hematomas , as well as i capillaries in evidence and varicose veins, are frequent blemishes and require the use of a concealer to ensure one total coverage it’s a optimal sealing .

In the market there are specific products, suitable both for the face and for the body, possibly also for camouflage tattoos that allow us to totally cancel all kinds of imperfections by ensuring one long seal and remarkable resistance even to water.

The best corrector I can recommend for this type of problem is definitely:

  • Dermablend Vichy Stick Ultra-Corrector (price 11.00 €): ensures one very high coverage and an estate up to 14 hours, it is free of parabens and also consists of one sunscreen SPF30 to prevent further blemishes and blemishes. Offers total coverage.

corrector for scars


The market offers numerous possibilities also with regard to the choice of correctors that possess a good inci , bio and / or vegan correctors. The latter have one formulation free of silicones , parabens, petrolatum and substances potentially harmful to sensitive skin.

The level of coverage of this type of product is usually low or medium but modular.

Here are the best correctors with a good inci , which are distinguished both for the effectiveness and for the totally respectful formulation of the skin.

  • Neve Cosmetics Concealer Nascondino (price € 8.90): formula cream-to-powder able to hide imperfections or discoloration, indeal for mixed – fat skin. Also suitable for sensitive and delicate skin. Snow Cosmetics Concealer Hide and seek
  • PuroBio Sublime Fluid Corrector (Price € 8.90): covers imperfections and discoloration, moisturizes the skin and ensures a modulable compressiveness and a good seal. PuroBio Sublime Fluid Corrector
  • Nabla Cosmetics Under-Eye Concealer (price € 8.90): fluid corrector e long-lasting, blends perfectly with the skin, covering discoloration and imperfections and keeping the skin hydration . Vegan e cruelty free.

Nabla Cosmetics Under-Eye Concealer


Then there are details multifunction products that unite concealer and foundation together , making the use extremely practical and guaranteeing perfect coverage even on skin problems particularly marked .

The peculiar characteristic is indeed the high coverage and the possibility of stratifying the product until the best result is achieved on discolouration, stains or scars, both on the face and on the skin body .

Among the best products you can find on the market there are:

  • Collistar Foundation + Correction Duo Total Perfection (price € 36.00): thanks to the presence of active moisturizers and antioxidants, it prevents dehydration, ensuring a perfect coverage given by the combination of a light and comfortable foundation and a corrector in the color formulated in cream. Collistar Foundation + Correction Duo Total Perfection
  • Dermablend Foundation cream compact Concealer (price about € 20.00): removes imperfections from light to marked on both face and body, resists water and ensures total coverage of spots, discolorations, capillaries and varices thanks to the formulation that combines a foundation and a concealer in a single compact cream. Dermablend Foundation in compact cream Corrector
  • Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation powder + concealer (price € 36.50): ensures maximum coverage of any type of imperfection thanks to the powder texture that combines a concealer to the comfort of a foundation that resists up to 8 hours to heat and moisture.

Clinique Beyound Perfecting Powder foundation + concealer


The correcting palette they are very useful as they offer a rather wide and useful range of colors in order to freely mix the shades until the desired one is obtained.

I’ll tell you about it best correcting palette that stand out for the good value for money , together with the chromatic varieties contained in them.

  • Make Up For Ever Crème de Camouflage Palette (price € 35.50): designed to conceal any type of imperfection and discoloration and available in five color variations, each of them is composed of five concealers in ultra-opaque and long-lasting cream. Crème de Camouflage Make Up For Ever
  • Zoeva Concealer Spectrum Palette (price € 22.00): It contains nine different correctors , high coverage and long lasting that perfectly cover imperfections and discolouration, mitigate bags and dark circles and they are easily mixed together to create the most suitable nuance. Zoeva Concealer Spectrum Palette
  • MAC Pro Concealer and Correct Palette (price € 42.00): proposed in four color variations to adapt to any type of complexion, it contains two shades of Studio Finish Corrector and four of Studio Finish Concealer that characterize an optimal coverage of imperfections. Each shade can be layered and mixed ensuring a duration of more than 8 hours.

MAC Pro Concealer and Correct Palette


  • Is it possible to use the concealer as a foundation? Nobody forbids it, but given the consistency and the massive amount of pigments present in the corrector and the functionality for which it is designed is not suitable for uniforming the face in a natural way. Better to use both as needed to create a perfect facial base.
  • Can the concealer be used as a face primer or eye primer? The corrector is not formulated to increase the duration of the make-up but only to minimize imperfections. In this case it is also appropriate to use the products separately according to the functionalities for which they are designed.
  • What is the difference between concealer and foundation? The difference is essentially in the quantity of pigments present in the formulation: if in the corrector it is massive just to hide the imperfections, in the foundation, it is average as it is used to uniform and make the complexion homogeneous.
  • What are the most comprehensive concealers? We can advise you Dermablend Vichy , known for its very high coverage and indicated to eliminate even tattoos and large scars and resistant to water and heat.
  • Are there any nickel-free correctors? Yes, they exist, an example is the Defense Color Cover Bionike available in the best pharmacies and parapharmacies.
  • Can the corrector be used as a base for lipstick? If you want, but there are specific lip bases that increase the life of the lipstick. The corrector can serve to neutralize the color of the lips and thus emphasize the hue of the lipstick.
  • Can you apply the concealer and then the bb cream? Of course, as the BB Cream performs the same actions of foundation in a lighter form.
  • Do you put the concealer or the primer first? Always apply the first face primer which also increases the correction of the corrector.
  • Do you put the concealer or face cream first? The face cream and then the concealer is always applied first.
  • Are H & M correctors good? They are low cost correctors with a creamy texture that offer a fair variety of colors and medium coverage.
  • Should we put the concealer or the foundation first? Generally the corrector is applied first, which will then be uniformed to the foundation. But there are cases in which it is necessary to do the opposite. To find out more, take a look at our article corrector or foundation which one puts before .


All the correctors mentioned in this guide can be found at best perfumeries brand dealerships: Clinique, Make Up For Ever, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Kat Von D , Urban Decay can be found at Sephora in physical outlets distributed on Italian territory or online in This Page .

Normaderm e Dermablend Vichy like Lichtena and Bionike can be found in the best ones pharmacies and parapharmacies . Purobio, Neve Cosmetics and Nabla, are available in the best bioprofumerie dealerships or directly at the official online store of the brands.

MAC Cosmetics it is available at the stores, corners and pro-stores distributed throughout the country, on the official website of the brand or at the perfumeries Douglas , online in This Page .

And what are the correctors used? What are your favourites? We await your opinions!


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