Best Color Make Up Ultra Shiny Lipsticks: review

Creamy, moisturizing, shiny and dainty lipsticks trendy colors : are the new Ultra Shiny Best Color lipsticks, which I am happy to present you with a review and swatches!

We have already presented the brand Best Color make up with some reviews and after having tested some lipsticks of this Italian brand, present in the area with over 1000 points of sale , I propose you one new review with swatches and personal opinions.

The Best Color Make Up lipsticks I tested are part of a new range of lip products , defined by the cosmetics ‘ultra-opaque with ultra-bright textures’. Excellent for one look that seduces ‘. Will they really be like this?

Best Color lipsticks


These new Ultra Shiny Best Color Make Up lipsticks impressed me immediately with the variety of pop colors , and some very trendy nuances, such as the number 57 Vinaccio, a beautiful dark and intense color, just as you want it winter fashion 2014 2015.

Specifically I had the pleasure of testing the number 53 Fior di Pesco, a light pink warm , the number 54 Magenta, a magenta fuchsia intense, the variant 57 Vinaccio, a marc with fuchsia base , the 60 Red Ruby, a hot red and the number 61 Rosso Aranciato, a intense orange.

The texture of these lipsticks is extremely soft and flowing , the product very glossy and easy to apply. Given the texture so buttery it is necessary to apply one good lip pencil , or apply the product with your fingers to fix it on the lips creating a kind of dyed effect.

The duration is quite good, even if not extreme, the color is saturated on the lips and I like both the shiny effect that is obtained at the time of application, that the satin effect that is generated later, when the product is fixed on the lips and is more frosted.

After a few hours I noticed a slight dryness of the lips, but just slightly reapply the product for rehydrate them immediately. In fact, the formula of this product contains shea butter for a regenerating action, Vitamin E for a protective action and anti free radicals and also c rice bran for an action emollient and smoothing, characteristics actually found during use.

Best Color lipsticks


The packaging is black and cream white, very simple , a feature that I think makes the product less appealing than it actually is: I really love the formula and the color of these lipsticks, and I also find that the price of 6.80 euros for each stick is really a great price, however I think a packaging of a more dainty color, like maybe the water, the purple or red, could make these lipsticks super appetizing for all the beauty addicted!
Best Color lipsticks


Let’s take a closer look at the Ultra Shiny Best Color Make Up lipsticks I’ve tested in the last few weeks: here’s the number 53 Peach flowers , number 54 Magenta and number 57 Vinaccio . The first is a beautiful one hot nude, elegant and versatile, the magenta is vibrant and chic, reminds me of the Mac Lickable lipstick, while vinaccio is a splendid one dark and violet color which instead resembles the very famous Rebel lipstick, always from Mac.

Best Color lipsticks

Here is the Vinaccio color and to follow the number 60 Ruby Red and the number 61 Orange Red. The first red has a brown tip very intriguing for this season, while the second is a lot intense and bright , a nuance certainly more exploitable in summer, to show off with a beautiful golden tan.

Best Color lipsticks


Here are the swatches of Ultra Shiny lipsticks Best Color Make Up: the yield is impeccable , saturated and intense colors, I like them so much!

Best Color lipsticks

You can find these lipsticks in the stores of the brand, as well as on the official website Best Color Make Up. I find them really valid and I recommend them : go over the packaging and let yourself be surprised by these nuances as it happened to me! Always in the hope that the cosmetics company will welcome my ‘critics’ and decide to give us the most glamorous packs!

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