Benetton Costumes 2018: Photos and Prices


Bikinis, dresses and shorts , the sea fashion of the Italian brand will accompany us around the cities of art or on the beach with the Made in Italy style admired all over the world.

What are we waiting for? Let’s find out together i new arrivals of the Benetton summer 2018 costume catalog!

Benetton costumes 2018
Benetton Costumes 2018, push up bra with bow (cost € 29.95)
Benetton Costumes 2018
Triangle top in worked jersey (29.95 euro)
Benetton flip-flops 2018
Benetton fashion flip flops 2018 (price 24.95 Euro)
Benetton 2018 bandeau costume
Red bandeau costume with pattern (price € 34.95)
Benetton one-piece swimsuit 2018
Benetton one-piece push-up costume (cost € 49.95)


THE’ elegance and lo classic style Benetton swimwear 2018 will make the hottest season of the year unique and glamorous.

The triangle costume , an evergreen for all women, has a 70s mood thanks to the strips and the ties tied behind the neck.

Among the Benetton 2018 bikinis also the bandeau costume , with curled and preformed profiles or with padding . The prints are floral, palm trees and cactuses will be the protagonists of this summer season.

Benetton bikini 2018
Push up bra with bow (price 29.95 Euro)
Benetton bikini
Triangle in worked jersey (29.95 euros)
Benetton swimwear
Benetton bikini 2018, fancy band with curled profiles (24,95 €)
Benetton swimwear 2018
Benetton costume with soft fantasy band (cost € 34.95)
Benetton bandeau costumes
Fitted jersey bandeau swimsuit (€ 34.95)



For one basic look in the Benetton 2018 costume catalog can not miss it slip strech monocolor to combine with bands or triangles in fantasy.

The bikini briefs with side flakes, curled profiles is fantasy texture are inevitable in the suitcases of those who love the sun and the beautiful season.

Benetton bikini
Benetton swimwear, stretch briefs (cost € 14.95)
Benetton two-piece costumes
Stretch briefs (€ 14.95)
Benetton two-piece costumes
Brazilian stretch (16.95 euros)
Benetton 2018 swimwear briefs
Fancy jersey briefs (€ 19.95)
Benetton women's costumes
Briefs with bows (price € 14.95)
Benetton women's costumes
Briefs with bows (14.95 euros)
Benetton sea costumes
Briefs with bows (€ 14.95)
Benetton sea costumes
Brazilian with bows (€ 16.95)
Benetton costume with flowers
Printed stretch briefs (cost € 16.95)
Benetton fantasy costumes
Cactus print briefs (24,95 €)
Benetton costume cactus
Fancy briefs with curled profiles (price € 16.95)


To be glamorous and fashionable, the beachwear of the Made in Italy brand is perfect. The ideal look for a sunset walk along the water’s edge? Fringed shorts is striped blouse with flounces.

The Benetton mare line is full of soft long dresses, flowered coverlets and also jumpsuit , here in the version with long trousers and a belt at the waist.

Benetton beachwear summer 2018
Short-sleeved beach jacket with ruffles (price € 39.95)
Benetton beach cover summer 2018
Printed over fit beach cover (€ 44.95)
Benetton shorts summer 2018
Shorts with tassels (€ 29.95)
Benetton beachwear
Mid-length dress with boat neckline (€ 29.95)
Benetton beach cover summer 2018
Long beach cover with crochet (€ 49.95)
Benetton summer suit 2018
Oxford suit with belt (cost € 59.95)
Benetton sweaters summer 2018
Striped blouse with flounces (€ 29.95)
Benetton shorts summer 2018
Fringed shorts in oxford (24.95 euros)


A gritty line that of the Benetton man costumes. Models comfortable, basic is sports suitable for every body.

The costume monochromatic slip and super-tight is perfect for those who want to highlight their trained body.

THE short boxers printed or vintage are a classic that many men do not give up. For those who love comfort, the Italian brand offers the shorts in the longer version, ideal for moving around freely.

Benetton men's costumes 2018
Low waist briefs with logo (19.95 euros)
Benetton man's costumes 2018
Low waist briefs with logo (€ 19.95)
Benetton man briefs
Low waist briefs with logo (price € 19.95)
Benetton man briefs
Low waist briefs with logo (cost € 19.95)
Benetton men's boxer
Printed runner shorts (€ 39.95)
Benetton boxer costume
Short boxer shorts with drawstring (34.95 euros)
Benetton black boxer costume
Boxer vintage effect (€ 39.95)
Benetton costume boxer flowers
Fantasy boxer with velcro and drawstring (cost € 34.95)
Benetton boxer mare 2018
Boxer color block (€ 29.95)


Where to buy? The new Benetton 2018 costume collection is available in the many Benetton stores throughout Italy. For online shoppers, e-commerce is also available on the official website where you can discover and buy a collection of bikinis and swimsuits, but also the beachwear line for men, women, children and children. By subscribing to the newsletter you can get an immediate 15% discount.


What are you waiting for to fill your colors for your summer? Which of the Benetton catalog costumes do you like best? Leave us a comment!



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