Benefit palette The Complexionista and Get the Pretty Started

Benefit Cosmetics launches two beautiful new ones palette dedicated to face makeup : they are called Get The Pretty Started is The Complexionsta and promise to enhance the face making us beautiful as never before!

We show you all the Benefit news in preview : to surprise you every day!

Benefit Face Palette


If you love using the contouring and highlighting techniques during the realization of the face makeup, you can not fall in love with the Announcements proposals from Benefit .

The brand in fact proposes two new face palettes lively, lively and versatile characterized by those that are i best seller products most loved by beauty addict .

The Complexionist contains everything you need to get a perfect and radiant complexion while Get The Pretty Started is designed to make u n contouring and highlighting impeccable even by the less experienced.

Benefit Palette Get The Pretty Started

Both Benefit palette retain the distinctive traits typical of the brand: a unique design , unmistakable and original in style a bit ‘vintage but always absolutely trendy!

Functional and compact, they can be used on any occasion, even when away from home when you need to make any adjustments thanks to the practicality of the typical Benefit packaging .

The Complexionist is Get The Pretty Started they are ready to reveal themselves as real must have for those who want to have at hand, everything necessary to complete the face base, making it bright but always natural!

Benefit The Complexionista Palette


Benefit offers The Complexionist Face Palette , a versatile palette, dedicated to face makeup and designed to improve the appearance of the complexion making it impeccable.

Inside the palette, from retro taste design lively and lively and accompanied by a large mirror useful to make any tweaks, a wide selection of products chosen among the best seller Benefit :

  • Boi-ing Industrial-Strength Concealer in shades 01- 02: the iconic Benefit concealer perfect for covering and minimizing any kind of imperfection;
  • Hoola Matte Bronzer: the opaque bronzer among the best sellers perfect to enhance the distinctive features of the face;
  • Hoola Lite: further opaque bronzer, but clearer than the previous one, which can be used both to enhance the complexion and to implement the contouring technique combined with Hoola Matte;
  • Dandelion Twinkle: the most famous rosé blush of the brand that brightens up the face with its light and discreet tone;
  • Watt’s Up: Pressed lighting powder, perfect for creating light games emphasizing the features of the face we want to enhance.

The new The Complexionist It is elegant and versatile, suitable for everyday use thanks to the particular chromatic selection light and decidedly natural.

It represents without a doubt the face palette suitable for any occasion, especially for those who want to approach with the contouring technique , achieving a natural and always impeccable end result.

Simple to use, it also includes a series of useful beauty tips to learn how to make the most of it!

Benefit The Complexionist face palette


The new Get The Pretty Started Benefit instead, it represents the functional and compact version of the previous face palette. In fact, it contains the essential to achieve a perfect contouring through three Benefit references , famous for performance and performance.

Once again, the design is unmistakable in its pink candy typical of Benefit that characterizes one small palette and equipped with a mirror, perfect to store in ours beauty bag .

Inside are enclosed:

  • Hoola Matte Bronzer: very appreciated opaque bronzer suitable for all complexions and indicated, as in the previous palette, for the realization of the contouring or simply to warm the skin tone;
  • GALifornia Blush: the famous opaque blush in coral shades, lively and lively proposed by the brand, perfect to characterize the classic “bonne mine effect”;
  • Watt’s Up! Cream-to-Powder Highlighter: illuminating rose gold that turns from cream to impalpable powder perfect for illuminating the face or simply applying the famous strobing technique.

The new Benefit palette Get The Pretty Started It is perfect for those who want to have always at hand everything you need to get one radiant face on every occasion.

Versatile and compact, it also lends itself to one daily use without being demanding or even worse, excessive.

Also suitable for young people beauty addict , also includes in this case, a series of beauty tips useful to learn how to exploit it in all its peculiarities.

Benefit Get The Pretty Started Face Palette


The face palettes The Complexionist is Get The Pretty Started proposals from Benefit , they are already available in the United States.

Soon they will land also in Europe and will be available, as all the products of the brand, in the Sephora perfumeries and also online on e-commerce site in This Page .

What do you think of these Benefit news? Do you love to realize contouring? We await your opinions!


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