Baking make up: what it is and how it is done in 6 simple steps

Fashions in make-up change continuously and arrive new makeup techniques . There was the boom of the contouring (creation of shadows and lights on the face), succeeded by the strobing (creation of the only areas of light on the face), now it is the turn of the Baking Make up which has the protagonist the face powder .

But what is the Baking makeup technique and how is it done? Let’s see it together with this simple guide.


“Baking makeup” is a trick technique that consists in the stratification of various products as primer, concealer, foundation , fixing them from time to time with powder (normal or HD). This creates a base that hides dark circles, large pores, small lines and allows makeup to last for a long time. The author of this technique is the make-up artist of the stars Mario Dedivanovic, who has used it for a long time on the beautiful and always impeccable Kim Kardashian.

The peculiarity of this technique consists in applying plenty face powder, in particular areas of the face keeping it for a long period of time, as if that same area were ” cook “, From there the term” baking ” . In fact, literally the meaning of the English word baking is just ” baking “, A way to cook food that takes a long time.

baking make up


Let’s see now how to make the cake step by step.


As always, the first thing you need to do is go prepare the skin to get makeup, even more so when you go to ‘ smother ‘ with such a strong process. Then apply a very moisturizing and nourishing eye contour and massage the area with fingertips, the warmth of the fingers will penetrate the product and at the same time stimulate microcirculation. If you have any line of expression you prefer a plumping product in order to obtain an instant lifting effect.


Start, as you would normally do, spread the moisturizer, the face primer (optional), the foundation, avoiding the eye contour area.


Hold two concealers, the first will serve you to correct dark circles (choose the most suitable color to contrast your dark circles) and a lighter one better if from the yellow undertone to go to illuminate the area. The most suitable correctors for this use are undoubtedly the creamy ones. Spread out the light corrector in the eye area forming an inverted triangle. Do not be afraid, the key word is abounding !!!! The goal is to have an important concealer layer. At this point slightly blend the product. Apply the corrector on all areas of the face where you want to have more definition (eg center and contour of the face).


The key point is just that, choose a powder with the yellow undertone if you want to emphasize the brightness, choose a white powder if you want to maintain a natural tone, however avoid HD pans because more difficult to manage especially if you have to attend an event or a photoshoot. Alternatively, and to obtain an even more dramatic result the powder can be replaced by rice powder . With a sponge made of latex, we then take a large quantity of powder and press it over the concealer until it completely covers the area.


At this point, leave the powder in a dozen minutes, so that it goes to ‘cook’ the area. In the meantime proceed with eye and mouth make-up.


Once the makeup is finished, with a large brush for powders or a fan brush, remove the excess of powder. The movements must be very gentle in order to remove any residue of powder and leave the rest of the makeup intact. Once the powder has been removed, our make-up has been completed, but most of all fixed .



Surely you will have understood that the technique is very strong . The result will undoubtedly be very homogeneous and smooth but equally artificial and ‘heavy’. The face will be uniform and compact, but it will certainly not look bright and natural. To be clear, do not expect the naked effect, ‘c’e but unseen’. There is baking! and you can see very well!

For the reasons mentioned above I do not feel to recommend it to everyone . Those who have particularly dry and sensitive eye contours may in fact have difficulty withstanding the makeup layer. Who has the area around the eyes very marked by wrinkles and signs of expression could put them even more in evidence with the baking.

I would recommend it for special occasions with very important tricks, absolutely, I find that give the maximum of itself during the photographic services . It is used in television, in cinema, for advertising campaigns, in the theater world, for drag queens’ shows or for burlesque. On youtube you will find many tutorials if you want to watch videos how to do this tencica. Also you can also browse on instagram where there are examples with photos of tricks made by great make up artist including Lisa Eldridge, Tom Pecheaux, Scott Barnes, Sir John, Joyce Bonelli, Pat McGrath, Gucci Westman, Joyce Bonelli.

Well now that you have all the necessary information you can experiment with the baking make-up technique. Always remember that in makeup, as in all other manual activities, practice it is the best ally. So do not be discouraged if the result is not the desired one on the first try, try and try again but above all enjoy yourselves đŸ™‚


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