Anna Sui Italy: where to buy? Here are the online shops

Many of you will surely know American stylist of Chinese descent Anna Sui and his highly sought after cosmetic line with beauty products from unique style and unmistakable.

But where to buy Anna Sui in Italy? Which online shop resell Anna Sui? We offer you one view complete of reliable sites where is it buy Anna Sui Italia online , sure to be useful!

Anna Sui


The American designer Anna Sui is famous in the world for her clothing line that we see on the international catwalks since the 90s. The fashion house takes its own his name , the same used for the line of accessories, perfumes and make-up. Anna Sui has boutiques in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Dubai, United States and other countries in the world. The brand Anna Sui beauty was born when the famous American designer, with a creative and passionate spirit, sealed her partnership with Albion , Korean cosmetics manufacturer.

Characterized by a unique design and innovative, the Anna Sui cosmetic line preserves all the distinctive traits that have made the designer famous. The Baroque and Victorian style , wisely combines with one rock’n’roll concept exhibited expertly in the packaging.

Every make up product or fragrance in fact it is enclosed in one luxurious package which represents an authentic design object to show on our own vanity table and to collect.

Anna On the eye shadow palette

Each proposed reference takes on a slightly retro flavor, with refined elegance and unparalleled aesthetic impact.

THE Marbled Lipstick in limited edition for example, featuring an original marbled stick and a star shape. Or the iconic one Beauty Box , a chest ready to contain our jewels and favorite products in perfect vintage style.

And again the magnificent mono eyeshadows Eye & Face Color Angel Feather and Eye & Face Color Stardust with beautifully chiseled wafers with light feathers and bright stars. These are just a few examples offered by the ample Anna Sui catalog , without forgetting the notes fragrances from the luxurious and glamorous impact all to try.

Anna Sui lipsticks


Despite Anna Sui is a brand still little known in Italy and considered “niche”, we have the ability to easily buy the best seller products proposed.

We have selected a series of reliable e-commerce where to find a wide selection of products Anna Sui , without the fear of running into unpleasant incidents such as customs duties or worse still rip-offs.


  • Website address:
  • State: UK.
  • Payment method: Paypal and credit cards, Visa, Mastercard.
  • Shipping costs: shipping not traceable to € 3.30, traceable to € 4.50 free for orders over € 85, and Express to 11.30 € with delivery in 3/4 working days.
  • Delivery times in Italy: 5/7 working days.
  • Pros and cons: the site offers an overview of Anna Sui make up references rather large, including the limited editions offered by the brand. On the other hand, the fragrances.

Anna Sui nail polishes


  • Website address:
  • State: international website with Italian version.
  • Payment method: Paypal and credit cards, Visa, Mastercard.
  • Shipping costs: standard delivery € 3.99, free for orders over € 24.99. Express shipping at 11.99 €.
  • Delivery times: 5/7 working days with standard delivery, 2 days for Express.
  • Pros and cons: the site is Italian, ensures a quick shipment at a reasonable cost and offers the possibility to make free returns . On the contrary i Anna Sui products offered are rather limited. The brand’s clothing items are given priority.

Anna On the palette


  • Website address:
  • State: United States.
  • Payment method: Paypal.
  • Shipping costs: variables based on the destination location in the USA.
  • Delivery times: 3/5 working days.
  • Pros and cons: available all the product catalog offered by the brand, but on the other hand we can not use it as currently does not ship to Italy , even if from the site they inform that they are organizing to expand also in Europe.

Anna Sui compact powder


  • Site address web:
  • State: Italy.
  • Payment method: Paypal, Credit Cards, Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer and Cash on Delivery.
  • Shipping costs: Bartolini courier delivery to 4.95 € (6.95 € for Calabria and Islands), 3 € surcharge for payment on delivery.
  • Delivery times: 3/5 working days.
  • Pros and cons: the site ensures a quick and efficient order fulfillment and delivery service with the possibility of conveniently making returns with relative reimbursement. On the other hand, it only proposes some Anna Sui fragrances and does not sell the cosmetics line.

Anna Sui nail polishes


We care that your purchases are always satisfactory and carried out on reliable websites and sure. So we invite you to always pay attention by choosing shops that are authorized dealers.

Ebay for example, as it may be safe thanks to ” buyer protection “Offered by Paypal, often reserves unpleasant surprises when it comes to cosmetics and make-up. So be wary of all those Anna Sui products offered at diametrically different prices than those commonly set for Europe. Select and compare them carefully using those that are reliable sites.

Anna Sui products can be purchased without reserve Amazon because the brand is present as Official seller and therefore reliable. Amazon offers appropriate shipping costs based on purchases and offers guaranteed delivery within 5 working days (one only if you have Amazon Prime ). On Amazon Italy Anna Sui products are available in the shop This Page .

And do you like Anna Sui products? Have you already bought something?


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