Adorable and Sex Bomb: new NYX makeup palette

After the success of the pallets Smokey is Natural of NYX the American brand, which has recently become easily available also in Italy, launches other pallets that will immediately jump to the top of the charts of the most desired products.

They are called Sex Bomb is Adorable and they are the 2 new palettes NYX for the 2014 intended for 2 different styles of women. The first is for those who want a seductive make up that does not go unnoticed, while the second is romantic and elegant.

Each of the eye shadow palette consists of 6 colors, with a small built-in mirror and an applicator and 2 sponges.
nyx 2014 palette

The first of the 2 makeup palettes NYX that we discover is the more ‘aggressive’ with nuances for a sexy look and bright and intense shades, also ideal for pin-up style tricks. The 6 colors of the Sex Bomb NYX I’m:
– Strawberry red;
– Black shimmer;
– Champagne shimmer;
– Light yellow;
– nude Cappuccino;
– Black.
NYX sex bomb palette
nyx palette sex bomb

The alternative makeup proposal of NYX it is an extremely romantic palette, with classic tones from doll ideal especially for clear and ethereal complexions, but also for olivasters:
– Intense brown;
– Toffee;
– Champagne;
– Brown shimmer;
– Pink;
– White.
NYX palette adorable
nyx adorable palette

The 2 make up palettes have already been launched on the American website of NYX, we just have to wait for the arrival of the new born in Italy .

Soon all the new cosmetics of the 2014 collection will arrive on the online shop official brand.

And you are more Adorable or Sex Bomb ?

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