24K gold tattoos: temporary tattoos

They are one of the trends of the moment, they make us shine in the sun when and how we want, they are perfect for a special evening, precious and glamorous: we talk about the temporary tattoos in gold !

A very thin layer 24k gold on the skin, or a light touch of very pure silver 999 , you choose what you prefer, GoldSin offers you a vast range and many options to get lost!

This brand Italian has been able to combine the luxury of jewelry and the immediacy of temporary tattoo, offering wonderful creations that make us feel special, and they do it in complete safety: the materials used, in fact, are biocompatible , hypoallergenic and high quality.

GoldSin 24k gold temporary tattoos


Designed in such a way that they are easily applicable even in complete autonomy, these two-dimensional jewels really are easy to use . Just remove the protective film, place it on clean and dry skin with gold or silver side in contact, press to fully adhere and dab the backing paper with a damp cloth until it comes off itself.

GoldSin Gold Temporary Tattoos

GoldSin products are designed to last around a week , Yes they can combine or use separately, the important thing is to give space to yours fantasy and choose the themes you prefer!


The newest GoldSin collection is called Macrame , and as the name implies, it is inspired by the processing of the lace perforated!

GoldSin macrame tattoos

GoldSin macramé gold tattoos

GoldSin macramé gold tattoos

GoldSin lace effect tattoos

It takes its cue from different eras to decline in many forms that can be used individually or match each other to create magnificent colliers, slave bracelets, seductive garters … in short, everything that comes to mind!

24k gold tattoos on arm

Gold garter tattoos

GoldSin gold garter tattoos

GoldSin temporary tattoos collier


The precious GoldSin gold tattoos are offered in many different themed collections: in addition to the beautiful Macramè line we have seen a little more, others 8 collections characterize the range of creations, each one dedicated to one theme specific, but all elegant and rich in style!

Great Gatsby recalls the luxurious and refined atmosphere of the twenties, in which women of class super elegant they moved between chic halls in magnificent buildings.

GoldSin geometric gold tattoos

For the most daring and determined girls, the collection Skull it’s perfect! Golden and silver skulls in extravagant and original shapes, excellent for disco nights or concerts.

Skull gold tattoo

Temporary skull tattoo

The line is very particular Stanley , dedicated to Kubrik’s masterpiece films, including Arancia Meccanica, Shining, Full Metal Jacket and Lolita.

GoldSin temporary tattoos

The collection Tiki takes us into the magical world of Caribbean beaches , including surf, cocktails, palm trees and wreaths of flowers!

Temporary GoldSin beach tattoos

Delicate and enchanting: it’s the line Butterfly , simple but rich, suitable for the most romantic and for those who prefer small and minimal tattoos.

golden tattoos

golden heart tattoos

Flower it makes us breathe the air of spring, among flowers and curls of grass shining with gold and silver.

Gold flowers heart tattoo

gold tattoos

gold tattoos with flowers

The collection My Sin it is instead very varied, ranging from tattoos to effect animal with very simple geometric elements, up to the symbol of kiss . An eclectic and super combinable series!

Golden animal tattoos

Are you fascinated by the stories and atmospheres of the Thousand and One Nights? Here is the line The 1001 , inspired by Arab culture and mythology: flowers, arabesques and stars will make you dream!

gold tattoos

24k gold flower tattoo


Do you like these creations? Great! They are all available at online purchase on the official GoldSin website, from which you can also check the retail stores more comfortable for you if you prefer to go to the stores. THE prices vary according to the drawing that you choose and del material for which you opt (gold or silver), the combinations are so many, so take a look at the website to discover them all!

You want to know more about the tattoos golden and silver? Look at the Glam Tattoo ! If instead you plan to opt for a little tattoo true, here some idea for you!

What do you think of this summer trend, do you like it? What is your favorite GoldSin collection?

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