2018 whole modeling swimwear: the most beautiful

We have selected the best ones morals is patterned bathing suits for a flat and belly effect curves graven . The silhouette is redesigned thanks to the chromatic effects , at the special seams and at the design specially designed for physicists curvy !

Let’s find out the latest trends of the modeling summer swimwear 2018!

Whole modeling swimwear
Bonprix, modeling swimsuit (price 23.99 euros)
slimming costume
Bonprix, modeling swimsuit (28.99 euros)
containment costumes 2018
Zalando, Lascana, swimsuit (69.99 euros)
flat belly costumes
La Redoute, Anne Weyburn, flat costume flat belly effect (cost € 64.99)
modeling costumes 2018
Zalando, Miraclesuit, Embrace, swimsuit (179.99 euros)


The 2018 modeling full swimsuit suits fashion trends of the moment ai curvy physicists for sinuous and trendy looks! Transparent inserts , intertwining, crossings is curling they are decorative and functional elements at the same time.

THE dark colors , by not reflecting the light, they already confer one on their own slimming effect and extending to the figure. While i contrast inserts both plain and fancy – move the caution from the critical areas highlighting instead shoulders and décolleté .

Modeling whole costumes 2018
Bonprix, costume modeling minimizer (price 27.99 euros)
black slimming costume 2018
Zalando, Miraclesuit, Crossover, swimsuit (159.99 euros)
black slimming costumes 2018
Decathlon, flat belly whole costume (33.99 euros)
modeling costumes 2018
Bonprix, modeling swimsuit (cost € 23.99)
flat belly costume
La Redoute, Speedo, slimming whole costume (60.00 euros)


Not just black! Slimming costumes show off fantasies floral tropical , colors bright and prints with high optical effect.

The special design combined with performing stitching is curling they shape the body with a containment effect. The side bands in solid color optically extending the silhouette.

containment costumes 2018
La Redoute collection, one-piece swimsuit (price € 32.99)
2018 whole slimming costumes
Bonprix, modeling costume (€ 36.99)
flat belly costumes
La Redoute, Anna Weyburn, full-length swimsuit with flat flowered flowers (€ 69.99)
2018 modeling costume
Zalando, Lascana, swimsuit (cost € 69.99)
2018 modeling swimsuit
La redoute, Castaluna, flat bustier costume flat effect (€ 64.99)


For an effect Flat stomach immediate enough to focus on modeling costumes from empire cut . The cups a fantasy that, a contrast with a solid-colored belly, they emphasize the décolleté. There belly remains so in the background and will be optically reduced .

The 2018 containment costumes start from more models sports from pool up to American style necklines , ethnic fantasies or a polka dot and crossings knotted under the breast.

2018 modeling costume
Decathlon, women’s costume (price € 14.99)
modeling costumes 2018
Zalando, Pour Moi, Hamptons Control Suit, swimsuit (46.99 euros)
flat belly costumes 2018
La Redoute, Castaluna, full-length American costume flat belly effect (54.99 euro)
2018 whole modeling swimwear
La Redoute, Anne Weyburn, flat costume flat belly effect (cost € 74.99)
containment costumes 2018
La Redoute, Dorina, full swimsuit (26.90 euros)


For a look elegant and refined that thin, stretch the bust e minimize the critical points are perfect in the plain-colored slimming costumes dark shades .

Contrasting details placed under the breast or on the cups detach the figure attracting attention.

full modeling costumes 2018
La Redoute, Anne Weyburn, flat belly-effect swimsuit (price € 64.99)
2018 full-board costume
La Redoute Collections, full-length costume (€ 42.99)
modeling costumes 2018
Bonprix whole modeling costume (27.99 euros)
2018 slimming black costumes
La Redoute, Anne Weyburn, flat belly swimsuit (cost € 69.99)
flat belly whole costume
Zalando, Esprit, Santa Monica, swimsuit (49.99 euros)


The costumes to hold the belly boast curling is front seams that play is a effect optical slimming is a real one containing function .

Even the breast is supported by preformed cups with underwire or reinforced stitching. There remains, however, an attention to details and style such as shoulder pads a valance or the back with cut-out effects .

2018 slimming costumes
La Redoute, Castaluna, classic swimsuit (price € 59.99)
entire costumes in 2018
La Redoute, Castaluna, an American-style flat-bottomed swimsuit (59.99 euros)
2018 full-board costume
Zalando, Heidi Klein, one piece body wrap big cup swimsuit (274.99 euro)
full flat belly costume
Zalando, Seafolly, Sahara Nights, swimsuit (cost € 139.99)
2018 slimming costume
Zalando, Speedo, Contour Renew, Swimsuit (cost € 69.99)


Finally, there are also costumes modeling by lady with cut particular like the model a bustier pin up style 50s!

THE mini bathing suits In addition to shaping the abdomen, they hide any critical points on the thighs and side B.

modeling costumes 2018
La Redoute, Castaluna, one-piece bustier costume (price 39.97 euros)
modeling clothing costumes 2018
Zalando, Seafolly, Twist Bandeau Maillot, Swimsuit (199.99 euros)
flat belly effect costumes 2018
La Redoute, Castaluna, flat costume flat belly effect (59.99 euro)
2018 modeling bathing suit
Bonprix, modeling bathing suit (cost 39.99 euros)
2018 slimming costume
Bonprix, modeling swimsuit (29.99 euros)


You can buy the entire selection of 2018 modeling swimsuits that we showed you in the images at the shops and sites Bonprix, Decathlon, La Redoute, Zalando.

What do you think of our selection of full modeling costumes summer 2018? Which model do you like best? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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